6 Career Lessons We Can All Learn From Watching TV Land’s ‘Younger’

younger career advice

TV Land

‘Younger’ is arguably one of the best shows on television right now. What’s not to love about watching Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff team up every week to tackle life in New York City’s publishing world? Beyond the many OMGs, laughs and tears, the show also has some amazing career advice every season. Warning: This article may contain spoilers, so if you’re currently binge-watching ‘Younger’ on Hulu or Amazon Prime, proceed with caution, while also learning some very important lessons for navigating your career.

1. Age really is just a number.

The entire show is based on the fact that Liza lies about her age in order to get a job. First things first: Never lie on your resume. But also don’t let your age hold you back from applying for that dream job. If a job application asks that candidates have at least 10 years of experience, and you’ve only got five, consider whether you meet the other qualifications. If you feel you’d be perfect for the job, apply for it. Age is just a number, but quality experience is key.

2. Dating at work can get messy.

younger dating at work

TV Land

Between Kelsey’s hookups with authors and fellow editors and Liza’s budding relationship with her boss, there’s a lot of love (and lust) flying around the Empirical office. When you spend 40+ hours at work, it’s not surprising to develop feelings for a colleague or boss. However, it is necessary to check with HR on what the protocol is for dating at work. Some companies have rules in place that say employees can date others on the same level as them but not a boss or manager who ranks above them. Also, seriously consider whether the relationship is worth pursuing or not. It could get really awkward if it doesn’t work out and you still need to collaborate with this person every day. It might not be worth putting your career on the line.

3. Always take the time to review the offer before accepting the job.

In season five, Liza gets an offer from another publishing company. Before signing anything, she asks to look over the contract with her lawyer, and we couldn’t have been prouder. Before signing any offer letter or contract, look it over with a mentor, lawyer and/or trusted friend. Are the details of the role completely clear? What’s the salary, and for how much more should you negotiate? (Hint: Always negotiate.) Do the benefits kick in immediately or do you have to wait? Does the company offer a great retirement plan? Make sure that you leave no question unanswered before signing on that dotted line.

4. Empathy at the office is underrated.

younger empathy

TV Land

Liza is one of the most empathetic employees at Empirical. Her ability to read people’s emotions, say something supportive exactly when Diana needs it or offer a helping hand is amazing. It’s a superpower that so many people have and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Take a step back and see how you can be more empathetic and emotionally intelligent in your office. Whether it’s just asking how someone’s day is going, sending a quick thank-you note to a team member or offering to help someone out when they’re seriously stressed out, a little bit of empathy can go a long way.

5. Don’t be afraid to go big.

We don’t know about you, but we felt inspired AF when Kelsey and Liza were given the chance to lead their own imprint at Empirical as junior editor and assistant. They proved their ideas were big enough to bring in new business and revenue and, thus, make a positive impact on the company. If you have an idea that could really help your department or company grow, don’t keep it a secret. Schedule a meeting with your boss and run it by them. You never know when you’ll be given the chance to lead a new initiative and demonstrate that you have what it takes to move up the ladder.

6. A supportive squad is the key to success.

younger supportive squad

TV Land

Liza and Kelsey couldn’t have done everything to launch their own imprint and make it successful without a squad of badass women surrounding them. Maggie and Lauren are always there for them to bounce ideas off of, celebrate their success with and even cry to about their failures or mistakes. Surround yourself with a group of people who will be there to help you every step of the way, and vice versa. Whether it’s friends in other industries, colleagues who have your back or mentors who can guide you in the right direction, start building your squad right now if you want to find true career success.

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