7/28/19 Newsletter: This May Alter Your DNA

Did you know? Just one binge-drinking sesh can wreak havoc on your sleep and mess with your DNA, according to a study from the University of Missouri. That doesn’t mean you have to cancel your weekend plans, but if sleep is important to you, count your drinks so you can catch some much needed Zs. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Group Chat Edition

If you’re in a group chat and need a break from all the message dings, go ahead and mute the conversation or hide alerts. You’ll be able to retrieve all the messages, but you’ll get them on your terms.


If you need to relax, but meditation isn’t quite your thing, try sophrology. Sophrology, or the “study of consciousness in harmony,” uses techniques like breathing, relaxation, body awareness and visualization to help you connect with your inner sense of resilience and improve your overall mental and physical health. Start releasing your mind and body tension today. [Swirled]

Career + Finance + Tech

Did you know that it costs about $1,500 to be a bridesmaid in a single wedding? So when your BFF asks if you want to be by her side on the big day, consider whether it’s in your budget. It’s okay to say no, but if you must participate, start saving up for the special event STAT. [Swirled]

Editors’ Picks

Swirled’s Home Gym Guide: When curating a home gym, we keep it simple. Each of our picks take up very little space in your home (we hear you, studio apartment dwellers), and all of them come in handy for efficient, total-body workouts.

The Best Tech Gadgets Right Now: Whether they’re a tech junkie or looking for ways to simplify their day-to-day, these gadgets are perfect gifts for almost everybody in your life — including yourself.

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Food + Drink

Get a sparkling oven naturally with a solution made from baking soda, salt and water. It will take a little more elbow grease, but you won’t have to deal with any harsh chemicals. [The Daily Meal]

Recipe Of The Day: Summer rolls are a Vietnamese staple and easy to make at home. Using a rice paper base, stack mini mint or basil leaves and steamed shrimp on one side and a lettuce leaf filled with cellophane noodles, carrots, cucumbers, radishes and scallions on the other side of the wrapper. Roll it all together and you have a portable feast. [The Kitchn]

A quick tip from yours truly:  Summer rolls are traditionally served with a peanut dipping sauce — a blend of peanut butter, rice vinegar, soy sauce, water, hot sauce and sesame oil.

Do you have a kitchen tip to share? Let us know: [email protected].


Ocean lovers can now fulfill their shark week dreams with Contiki — the social travel company — on their Galapagos Island Hopper. Dive into the deep blue to help with conservation efforts of the local shark population in the Galapagos islands. The preservation of the hammerheads, whale sharks and blacktop reef sharks is so important to the biodiversity of the Galapagos. Contiki’s longstanding partnership with SharkSavers through Contiki Cares allows 18-35 year old adventurers to help survey and document the number and types of species on recreational dives in the protected Galapagos Marine Reserve. Travelers on the six-day trip will visit secluded private beaches, the Charles Darwin Research Station, Kicker Rock and San Cristobal Island. Tap through for full details. [Contiki]

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