7/29/19 Newsletter: The Secret To Achieving Your Goals

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When created with the best of intentions, a vision board can be the key to quickly achieving your goals. The vision board is a visual representation of what you want to achieve over the next year or longer. By putting your goals together, you’ll begin to develop the habits necessary to start seeing results. Read on for step by step vision board instructions. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Nausea Relief Edition

Apply pressure to the point between the two tendons on the inside of your arm a few inches below your wrist and rub it in a circular motion to reduce the feelings of nausea. It should take about two to three minutes for the acupressure technique to work.


Clean your yoga mat in no time with a simple solution. Combine one part water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle, douse your mat and wipe it clean with a microfiber towel and let your mat air dry, unraveled in a shaded area. We recommend you stay away from soap to clean your mat since it’ll make your mat too slippery. [Swirled]

Career + Finance + Tech

Although a company layoff is far from ideal, it does happen. Instead of feeling awkward talking about it with a potential employer, follow these three steps. First, be honest. You weren’t fired, you were laid off — big difference. Second, take the high road and never badmouth where you came from, even if it was the worst place ever. Finally, you did learn something before you were let go, so be sure to explain the good that did come out of the job. Read on for more info on how to talk about your layoff. [Swirled]

Editors’ Picks

Swirled’s Favorite Travel Accessories under $15: Sometimes, the little things make all the difference when you’re traveling. Here are our picks for the travel accessories that make our lives easier on the road — and they’re all under $15.

7 Doggone Good Pet Products: As pet pawrents, we know that there’s no better feeling than spoiling your pup — because you know they deserve it. Here are seven of the best buys you can find on Amazon for your pets. You’re welcome!

5 Natural Cleaning Products To Buy Right Now: Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore (or make you sick). We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite all-natural cleaning products that pack a punch when it comes to keeping your home spick and span.

Food + Drink

While enjoying the bounty of fresh fruit is one of the best parts of summer, you do have to be mindful. Experts warn against eating too many grapes. Inorganic grapes are covered in pesticides, but even the organic ones can overload your system with sugar. (Both red and green grapes contain 15 grams of sugar per cup.) Reach for blueberries or strawberries as healthy alternatives. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: Homemade hummus is so delicious, especially on a hot summer night when heating up the kitchen is the last thing you want to do. And the best part is that the food processor does most of the work for you. Blend Tahini, cold water, olive oil, cumin, salt, garlic and lemon juice until smooth then add in a can or rinsed and drained chickpeas. Puree for another few minutes, adjust the seasoning if necessary and serve with cut-up veggies and pita or as a spread on a turkey sandwich. [Gimme Some Oven]

A quick tip from yours truly:  Hummus is great on its own or try folding in chopped green olives, chili paste or more lemon to make it your own.

Do you have a kitchen tip to share? Let us know: [email protected].


The Great Barrier Reef isn’t the only jaw-dropping snorkeling destination. Head to Isla Holbox in Mexico to swim alongside majestic whale sharks. Although these gigantic fish can get up to 60 feet in length, they’re completely harmless. Here are our other favorite snorkeling destinations around the world. [Swirled]

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