Daily Fit 07/31/2019: How to eat healthy on a budget

how to eat healthy on a budget

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Health Tip Of The Day: Fresh and healthy food doesn’t need to liquify your savings. Be picky about what produce you buy organic, buy in bulk and skip the expensive health food store.

Let’s be honest, healthy eating can hurt your wallet.

The pea protein powder and unsalted almonds in your grocery cart are packed with nutrients that help you keep up with your healthy diet, but the price tag can send shivers down your spine. When it’s time to check out, a minimal amount of healthy eats could decimate your budget for the following week if you’re not careful. When it comes to buying healthy groceries you might not be able to hack your way out of every hefty dollar sign, but there are a few ways you can avoid unnecessary spending on staple products.

Hacks for budget-friendly health foods.

It’s time to skip the trip to that pricey health foods store and opt for an alternative like Walmart or Trader Joe’s. Though the aisles aren’t chock-full of health-conscious eats, you can find almost everything you need to stick to a healthy diet at a fraction of the cost. Once you hit the produce section, remember it isn’t essential that every fruit or veggie is certified organic. Those with peels only have pesticides on the outside, so you can save some quarters and dimes on bananas and avocados by buying regular instead of organic. [Love Sweat Fitness]

Our Favorite Buys Of The Day

Best Produce Gadgets: A colorful salad or overflowing fruit bowl can be burdensome when it requires ridiculous amounts of slicing and chopping. Before you throw in the towel on your daily fruits and veggies, try out some of these produce gadgets that allow you to make a chef-worthy salad in minutes.

Wardrobe Staples For Any Weather: Whether it’s the colorful florals of summertime or chunky knits you hibernate in all winter, seasonal dressing can take a toll on our wallets (and sanity). These wardrobe staples will keep you fashionable, rain or shine.

Best Practical Gifts: Ditch the overpriced perfume or gold earrings and opt for a gift the type A person in your life will actually appreciate. Whether it’s a nifty desk organizer or gloves that allow them to answer emails in frigid temperatures, your planner-savvy friend is likely to love any of these gifts, no matter the occasion.

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