Daily Fit 07/30/2019: The one runner’s hack you need

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Workout Tip Of The Day: Ramp up your running form by striking the ground with the ball of your feet first when you land, rather than with your heel.

A Rudimentary Running Mistake

Whether you’re crushing an intense HIIT session or going for a longer jog, poor form can make cardio painful and have adverse impacts on your overall health. And the biggest culprit? Heel striking. When your heel is the first part of your foot to hit the ground while running, it can send a shock up your entire bone structure. This can cause unnecessary stress and damage your joints or result in an injury.

Correct Your Cardio

Instead of striking the ground with your heel first when you run, spring and stride off the ball of your foot. Not only does this reduce impact, but it can also pump up your pace by minimizing the time your feet are on the ground. Be conscious of your posture and control your speed by striding before your foot strikes the ground. A slight bend in your knees and less-than 90-degree angle in the arms will make you a cardio pro (and save those precious knees). [Fitness On Toast]

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