9 Life Lessons ‘The Office’ Taught Us About Productivity


If you haven’t tuned into “The Office” yet, you’re about 10 years late. It’s okay though, and we highly encourage you watch the show, especially since rumors are circulating about its potential return. What you may not have known about “The Office” outside of the fact that it’s an incredible show is that it has some serious life lessons we can all learn from. Thankfully, since it’s set in an office, it offers some incredible productivity tips that everyone should follow if they’re interested in getting ahead.

1. Taking a break to chat with coworkers can help boost your focus.


Whether you want to take a quick walk around the block or have a full-on dance party, taking a few minutes out of the workday to take a breather with your coworkers is important. Everyone needs a break, and it’s more refreshing to take one together.

2. Keep healthy snacks on hand in case you experience an energy dip during the day.


As displayed above, satisfying your insatiable hunger for healthy snacks like veggies, fruits and nuts will keep your brain in tip-top shape throughout the day.

3. Always be practical about your abilities before you complete a task.


Being honest with yourself and your team about the status of your work and your ability to complete certain tasks will help you better align your time management with your workload. Also, if you’re not sure that you can complete a task, you can ask for help or seek more extensive training.

4. Know when to buckle down and get shit done.


There’s always room for some fun, but at the end of the day, your job has to get done. Know when to simmer down and get to work, and you’ll have more time to have fun later!

5. Clear communication will help you work more efficiently with your team.


Especially if you supervise people, you want to make sure your communication skills are top-notch. Team effectiveness rides on communication, so keep verbal and written discussions clear and inviting.

6. Learn from your idols.


There’s no better way of learning to be productive than talking with those that you look up to. Whether that be parents, former colleagues or even celebrities, tune into what they have to say about working efficiently and effectively.

7. Know that it’s okay to fail.


Don’t lose your steam just because a project or a meeting didn’t work out as planned. There’s always room for improvement, and there will always be opportunities to try again.

8. Aim to quickly find solutions to problems you come across.


Maintaining fresh ideas and solutions for even your toughest problems will get you ahead of the game. Your coworkers and supervisors will take notice when you’re the one coming to the table with new, better ways to achieve your goals.

9. Strive to be your best self every day.


Keeping a positive attitude about yourself, your work space and your performance will help you climb to the top and stay on your productivity game. There’s no productivity killer quite like low self-esteem and hard feelings!

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