Newsletter 8/9/18: You Need This DNA Skincare Kit

you need this dna skincare kit

Unsplash/Sam Manns

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Perfectly customized skincare is still just a click away. While the lucky winners of our Targeted Skin DNA testing kit giveaway have been chosen, you can still enjoy $20 off yours by using the code SWIRLED20 when you check out. Once you know exactly what your genetics say your skin needs, your morning routine becomes a no-brainer. [Targeted Skin]

Life Hack Of The Day: Can Opener Edition

Use a can opener to open tough plastic packaging.

Power Up

Bored of your workout routine? Try AquaPhysical’s FloatFit class. The routine combines HIIT and yoga postures that you perform on a floating exercise mat for 30 minutes. It’s hard as hell but hilarious when you lose your balance! [Swirled]

Your sleep position says a lot about you. Fetal sleepers are supposedly tough on the outside but shy and sensitive on the inside, and the position is known for improving blood circulation. Those who sleep on their stomachs are free-spirited, but the position is the least healthy of them all because the spine likely isn’t aligned during sleep, which can strain the lower back.  [Swirled]

Get It Done

You probably thought that shopping on Amazon would save you money, but these hacks will save you so much more. Don’t forget to check out Amazon’s daily deals, which you can find on the homepage, and trade in your old tech products in exchange for a gift card. [Swirled]

Don’t ever feel helpless in a power outage again. Before the next one happens, make sure you have enough non-perishable foods and a flashlight to get you through a few days. And during the outage, avoid opening your fridge or freezer in order to keep your food fresh. [Swirled]

Want to live as the successful do? Follow the five-hour rule. The rule, which major influencers like Bill Gates and Elon Musk use faithfully, involves setting aside an hour per day to learn something new or become better at your trade. Repeat five days a week for the biggest gains. [Entrepreneur]

Savor Each Bite

A loaded burger with a 24-karat gold bun exists, and it’s basically a carnivore’s heaven. Australia’s Phat Stacks offers a burger piled high with two beef patties, two fried chicken breasts, bacon, onion rings, jalapeños, a special housemade sauce and, of course, the glitzy bun for a whopping $88.80. [Swirled]

Trader Joe’s introduces instant ramen for its vegan friends. The miso flavor makes for a delicious quick-fix lunch, as well as an easy flavor base for your favorite home-cooked noodles. No matter how you use it, one thing’s for sure: instant ramen lives on past the dorm room, and we’re all about it. [Swirled]

A sundried tomato and pesto quiche is the perfect way to start off a dinner party. Combine eggs with milk, Greek yogurt, pesto, Parmesan cheese, spinach and sundried tomato and pour it all into a baked shell. Bake it until it’s golden brown, and enjoy! [Swirled]

Pack Your Bags

Local street markets are the best spots to buy authentic goods on the cheap. And we have the low-down on the best ones across the globe. Visit Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen in Paris for that must-have vintage blouse, and check out Mercado de Otavalo in Ecuador for all things embroidered. Time to reignite that shopping addiction! [Swirled]

If you see “basic economy” on that plane ticket, know what you signed up for. This increasingly popular discounted flight option saves you cash up front but skimps on creature comforts. Expect to pay to check your bag, and if you need that overhead bin space for your carry-on luggage, don’t count on it. [Swirled]

If you’re new to global travel, here are some important reads before you dive in. A lot goes into being a responsible and educated world explorer, so take the time to learn about why Eastern European travel is finally having its moment in the sun, as well as the pitfalls of over-tourism so you don’t perpetuate the problem. Knowledge is power, friends. [Skift]

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