Trader Joe’s Has Vegan Instant Ramen And You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On It

Trader Joe's instant ramen


If you thought instant ramen would disappear from your pantry after you left college, you were definitely mistaken. Even with gourmet ramen restaurants popping up on every corner, instant ramen hasn’t lost its appeal in a world where convenience reigns supreme. And Trader Joe’s has taken a dive into a ramen category that doesn’t receive nearly enough attention, introducing a new vegan instant ramen.

When you need something to quickly warm you up during the cooler months, TJ’s now has two instant ramen flavors: miso and chicken. While the world might have enough chicken broth-based ramen, the vegan miso ramen is a flavor to get excited about.

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix for lunch or an easy flavor base for your favorite noodles, TJ’s has thrown its hat in the instant ramen ring and there’s no going back. So if you’ve been itching to branch out from your go-to Cup Noodle flavor, check out your local Trader Joe’s for these new options.


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