6 Genius Ways To Save More Money On Amazon

Flickr / public.resource.org

In case you didn’t know already, we’re big fans of Amazon. The site makes it so easy to buy nearly everything you’d ever need in one click, and it doesn’t hurt that many items are cheaper on Amazon than at a grocery store or corner shop. But guess what? You can save even more money than you already are just by taking a few extra steps. Here are six incredible ways to keep more your cash while shopping on Amazon.

1. “Subscribe and save” on regular purchases.

If you buy certain items regularly on Amazon, consider “subscribing and saving” on those items. By subscribing to an item, you’re automatically receiving it each month at a discounted price of up to 15 percent. You can stop subscribing at any time if you decide you don’t want to receive the item as frequently, but while you are subscribed, you could make some money back!

2. Sign up for — and then cancel — an Amazon Prime membership if you don’t already have one.

Haven’t taken the leap yet to try Amazon Prime? If you’re not interested in paying for it, try it free for a month by using the trial. Use this time to stock up on all your must-haves without paying for the shipping. Don’t want it after a month? Just cancel it!

3. Check out the daily deals.

On Amazon’s homepage, you can find daily deals in tech, cookware, beauty and more. Even better: Amazon handpicks daily deals that relate to your purchase history, meaning that you’re shown discounted items that you maybe didn’t even know you want or need.


4. Use deal-tracker browser plug-ins.

There are a myriad of Google Chrome extensions, as well as other browser plug-ins, that could help you save money on your online purchases. In particular, plug-ins like Honey and Price Blink are great tools for cross-checking Amazon prices in addition to finding you the most discounted prices for your desired items.

5. Shop your favorite items through Ebates.

Ebates, which is a website catering to those who want discounted deals on everything online, also has an Amazon section in which you can look through the hottest discounted prices for items in nearly every category. You don’t actually log in to Amazon to buy these items — they’re purchased through Ebates, and depending on the item, you could receive 3 to 7 percent cash back on your purchase.

6. Trade in your old tech for cash.

Nearly everyone has old tech they could get rid of, like, now. The Amazon Trade-In program makes it possible for you to hand over your totally-last-year items like tablets, old iPhones, DVDs and video games in exchange for an Amazon gift card. We can’t complain about that since we spend so much of our money on Amazon anyway.