9 Easy Quiches To Make For Any Dinner Party


If you’re looking for the ideal one-and-done dish to bring to a dinner party, a quiche is perfect. A traditional quiche is a savory pastry crust filled with eggs, milk or cream, cheese and then a variety of meat, seafood or vegetables, depending on the dish. It can be served hot or cold. Buy yourself a few frozen pie crusts, and then the rest is easy.

Bake the frozen pie crust for about 5 to 10 minutes at 375 degrees before you fill it up with ingredients. This just gives it a head start. Afterwards, you’re just prepping everything else, throwing it together and sticking it in the oven.

Here are nine awesome and easy quiches to make.

1. Sundried Tomato And Pesto Quiche

This golden brown quiche combines eggs with milk, Greek yogurt for a little tang, pesto, Parmesan, spinach and sundried tomato.

Get the recipe at Delish.

2. Shallot Mushroom Quiche

You can make this shallot and mushroom quiche for any meal of the day. Inside there’s cream, fontina cheese, shallots and mushrooms. It’s simple to put together and you’ll have it ready within the hour.

Get the recipe at Martha Stewart.

3. Spinach And Gruyere Quiche

You can’t go wrong when gruyere, spinach, shallots, nutmeg and cayenne pepper are involved.

Get the recipe at Once Upon A Chef

4. Roasted Butternut Squash, Prosciutto And Sage Quiche


Perfect for the cold winter months, this roasted butternut squash quiche is packed with sweet leeks, prosciutto, Pecorino Romano cheese and fresh sage. This one is perfect for the holidays or any dinner party.

Get the recipe at Food52.

5. Asparagus, Spring Onion And Feta Quiche

Crumbled feta, asparagus, chives and spring onions make this quiche fresh and a little tangy.

Get the recipe at My Recipes

6. Apple, Cheddar And Rosemary Quiche

Sometimes you need a little sweet with your savory. Apple and cheddar are a surprisingly delicious duo and scallions are perfect for the job.

Get the recipe at Wine and Glue

7. Roasted Beet, Goat Cheese And Baby Spinach Quiche


Just like your favorite salad, this quiche combines roasted beets and onions with a drizzle of balsamic, creamy goat cheese and baby spinach.

Get the recipe at Food52

8. Cheesy Zucchini Quiche

This easy recipe calls for zucchini, onions, herbs and mozzarella cheese.

Get the recipe at Taste Of Home

9. Caramelized Pear And Gorgonzola Quiche

It’s no secret that fruit and cheese go together, especially a pungent blue cheese with sweet, caramelized pears. This quiche is the best of both worlds and you’ll throw in some pecans for a little crunch and fresh thyme to finish the job.

Get the recipe at Well Plated