This Loaded Burger Is Topped With A 24-Karat Gold Bun

gold burger bun Australia


We’ll admit it — most of the gold food trends out there are more pretty than they are indulgent. But that’s not the case with this burger from Phat Stacks burger bar in Camberwell, Australia. The Golden Phat Stacks comes with a 24-karat gold bun, but the burger itself could hold its own.

The loaded burger is piled high with two beef patties, two fried chicken breasts, bacon, onion rings, jalapeños and a special housemade sauce. The buns are delivered daily and hand-brushed with 24-karat edible gold leaves on demand. Each bun takes about eight minutes to prepare, so you know there’s tender love and care put into each burger. The Golden Phat Stacks will run you $88.80, so be prepared to make a hefty dent in your wallet if you want the full experience.

If the burger itself isn’t enough, there’s always the liquid nitrogen that takes the whole experience to another entertaining level. And just in case you need something to wash it all down, the gold burger is served with a 24-karat gold Ferrero Rocher milkshake. Yum.

We’d definitely travel to Australia for a bite of this beast.


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