10 Ways To Turn This Weekend Into An (Affordably) Indulgent Staycation

best staycation ideas

Unsplash/Philipe Cavalcante

We all wish we could rent the penthouse down the way and live out staycation goals like those absurdly fancy girls on Instagram (whose breakfast in bed looks like that?!). But we’ll be real. We staycation because our wallets can’t afford a plane ticket somewhere epic. And because we’re tired. TBH, life is tiring and so is travel. So when you need to chill the eff out at home, try these tips for a great staycation. Recruit some friends, your partner or go it solo. Either way, you’ll feel brand new after a weekend of healthy (and budget-friendly) self-indulgence.

1. Do some yoga.

There’s nothing like some hot vinyasa to sweat out all the stresses of daily life. But we’re with you — those boutique yoga classes are hella pricey. So if you can’t make it to the studio, queue up a nice practice from YouTube and flow with it.

2. Take a street art tour.

best staycation ideas

Unsplash/Mark Hayward

The best way to stop and look around while still at home is to take a tour. You probably don’t need an explainer of everything around town, but we love a street art tour. You can spot great murals you didn’t know existed in your home base or at least take the time to really admire them. And don’t feel silly about striking some cute poses in front of the art. You wouldn’t hesitate on a real vacation.

No tour available? Make your own!

3. Eat at a food truck.

Is there anything like street food to feel like you’re out of your normal routine? Grab some shawarma, tacos or ice cream and indulge in the fun of eating outside a restaurant. Really take in your surroundings as you chow down.

4. Hit some local tourist attractions.

best staycation ideas

Unsplash/Jonalyn San Diego

Every town or city has some sort of tourist draw, whether it’s the Hollywood sign, Statue of Liberty or local art museum. We bet you can find some gems and come to see your home in a new light.

5. Check out the farmers market.

One of our favorite travel activities is to browse the local markets, so don’t overlook the ones right in your backyard. If you’re a farmers market regular, maybe check out the rival one on the other side of town for a change of scenery.

6. Try somewhere new for dinner.

best staycation ideas

Unsplash/Jasmin Schreiber

We get it — you have your favorite spots, both IRL and on Seamless. But whether you’re dining out or ordering in, go for something besides your old standby. We suggest a new cuisine or, at the very least, a restaurant you haven’t tried before. You can get your favorite Indian takeout next week.

7. Try some local wine or beer.

Maybe you’re a religious craft beer drinker who also pursues pints made around your hometown, or maybe you’re a regular at the local vineyard. But we’re guessing you probably drink two-buck chuck and Blue Moon just like us on your average night. So get hipster and either go out to a brewery or wine bar or grab some bottles from the bougie liquor store.

8. Bust out a bath bomb.

Even if you don’t have the kind of tub that would look normal filled with rose petals, you can still do some relaxing in the bath. Grab a bath bomb at Lush or make your own from cornstarch, baking soda and essential oils. Don’t have a tub at all? Try a shower bomb — yes, that’s a thing.

9. Sleep in.

Don’t go crazy with this one (you don’t want to throw off your entire sleep schedule), but after your day of home-adventuring, don’t set an alarm for the morning. Let your body catch up on some much-needed sleep and wake up when it feels natural. We’re not talking 1 p.m. here, but a few extra hours will feel fab.

10. Have breakfast in bed.

best staycation ideas

Unsplash/Alisha Hieb

Now, unless you’re some sort of magician, it’s hard to prep breakfast in bed for yourself entirely. But you can do some clever meal hacking to make sure your cook time is minimal in the morning and you can roll out of bed, fetch your breakfast and roll right back in.

We suggest overnight oats or a pre-stacked yogurt parfait. Both can be made in advance, eaten cold, look pretty for any #selfcare photos you want for the ‘gram and create minimal mess when eating on your duvet.


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