How To Pair The Perfect Tea With Your Self-Care Needs

best teas for relaxation


What does your Sunday self-care routine look like? A gentle morning yoga practice? An evening face mask and nail-painting session? Ours almost always includes a cup (or two) of tea. There’s just something so soothing about the tea drinking ritual, and when the herbs naturally tend to whatever is ailing you, magic truly happens.

Knowing how to pair your tea to your personal needs is the quickest and easiest way to benefit even more from every cup you brew. Each blend has its own superpowers, so get to know your herbs and use them wisely.


If your digestive system needs a little TLC, try some dandelion. Its boost of sodium and potassium — two essential electrolytes — can help to balance the fluids in your body. And it’s a natural diuretic, so it can help flush out whatever is bothering you that much quicker.


Feeling seriously stressed and anxious? Grab some chamomile. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe so many symptoms of a stressed-out nervous system. And when you pair it with lavender, it’s one of the best natural sleep remedies around.

Lemon Verbena

Worried you feel a cold coming on? Lemon verbena is your friend. Its antioxidant properties do a fantastic job of both boosting your immunity and reducing the inflammation that can spur unwanted health problems. Plus, it tastes super refreshing.


Sage can do a lot more than ward off funky vibes in your home. The herb’s compounds can help to reduce oxidative stress in your skin and joints when ingested, making it an ally for body aches and sensitive skin.

Nettle Leaf

When you’re just feeling a little blah, nettle leaf can help you get right back on track. It’s full of both iron and potassium, which can help naturally boost your energy levels and stave off anemia.


This herb is your one-stop shop for self-care. It provides a boost of calcium, zinc, beta-carotene, lycopene, essential fatty acids and vitamins B1, C and E, meaning it can help keep your body and immune system strong and inflammation-free.

If creating your own combination of herbs seems like more work than it’s worth, there are tea companies out there that will happily take care of it for you. For example, Colorado-based Tesane wellness teas are artfully crafted with specific needs in mind. The brand offers blends for everything from energy boosts to detox days to digestive health to overall beauty. No matter what you have going on, Tesane can help.

And if you’d rather pick up whatever you need on supermarket shelves, we lean into Traditional Medicinals and Yogi teas to keep our tea boxes stocked. Both brands offer a wide variety of herbal blends that taste amazing and keep your wallet happy, too.

So what are you waiting for? Get brewing in the name of self-care.


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