Shower Bombs Exist, And You Need To Add Them To Your Self-Care Routine ASAP

shower bombs


Every millennial woman who has ever walked by Lush Cosmetics knows the miracle that is the bath bomb. It’s colorful, it’s effervescent, it smells incredible and it takes a relaxing evening soak to the next level. But you know what’s — dare we say — even better than a bath bomb?

A shower bomb.

That’s right, you can have the same spa-like experience while breezing through your weekday morning routine. Shower bombs are quite a bit smaller than bath bombs, but they are loaded with aromatherapeutic essential oils that diffuse into the steamy air the moment hot water makes contact with their fizzing surfaces. And unlike bath bombs that come in bright purple, pink, blue and green hues, shower bombs are typically white so you won’t have to worry about color rings staining your tub or glitter getting pretty much everywhere.

You also don’t have to leave a shower bomb in the tub itself if you want a less intense olfactory experience. Just hang it from the showerhead or faucet in a little mesh bag so a little bit diffuses over several showers. That way, you have enlivening morning showers (or tranquil evening showers) all week long without wasting precious shower bombs or spending hours pruning up in the bathtub.

Curious where to find the best shower bombs out there? Give these aromatic fizzies a try.

hydra AROMATHERAPY Shower Bursts — $22 for variety pack

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Mixture Shower Bombs — $5.99 per bomb

Rinse Bath & Body Co. Shower Bombs — $5.50 per bomb

Salus Shower Bombs — $2.45 per bomb

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