Looking For A New Job? Consider These Industries, Which Hired Like Crazy In August

linkedin september 2018 workforce report

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Unemployment rates in the U.S. are still crazy low at just 3.9 percent, which means job searching is tough. The good news? Hiring in August 2018 was up year over year, and it could be because of a few specific places that are hiring. So, if you’re in the market for a new career or promotion, make sure you’re looking the right place.

LinkedIn released its September 2o18 Workforce Report on Tuesday, Sept. 11, which found a few key industries hired like crazy in August. Additionally, the report concluded that there are also a few hot cities for workers to consider.

Top 3 Industries To Consider

1. Agriculture. Year over year, this industry hired almost 20 percent more in August 2018 than in the same month last year. If you’re interested, LinkedIn has over 20,000 agriculture jobs posted on its site right now. From co-farm manager to director of finance, there seems to be something for everyone.

2. Transportation and logistics. Coming in second, the transportation and logistics industry hired 13 percent more in August 2018 than in August 2017. It this seems perfect for you, consider one of the 52,000 transportation and logistics jobs on LinkedIn.

3. Energy and mining. Though there are fewer jobs listed on LinkedIn, energy and mining is still a great industry to consider. In August 2018, hiring increased year over year by almost 11 percent.

Corporate services, real estate and design are three other industries to keep an eye on, as they followed close behind with year-over-year increases in hiring.

Top 3 Cities To Consider

houston texas

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1. Houston. This southern city was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, so it’s great to see hiring increase by more than 20 percent in August 2018. If you’re all about that southern charm (and heat), consider moving here for a job.

2. Austin. Also down south, Austin saw hiring increase by 12.7 percent between August 2017 and August 2018. The city is known for its culture, and now it could also be the place to start your career.

3. Dallas. Texas is taking home the crown this year when it comes to careers. Dallas saw an increase in hiring by almost 9 percent year over year, and it could be the next place for you to call home.

Seattle, Denver and San Francisco are three other cities to consider, all of which had increases in hiring by at least 4 percent.

If you’re looking for a new job, it’s important to know where the jobs are, too. Whether you’re looking to move to a state with lots of job opportunities, or maybe need to switch it up so you can stress less in a new location, be mindful of the industries hiring. You never know what job you mind find in a new industry — it could be the perfect fit to help you thrive in your career.


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