The Definitive Ranking Of Job Search Apps And Websites

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They say finding a job is a full-time job in itself, and we agree. Scouring the best job search apps and websites for roles that both spark your interest and are within an hour’s commute takes time. Plus, everyone has a different process for applying. From filling in every field with your relevant information to one-click, quick-apply features, some apps make it easy while others are a total drag.

To take the guesswork out of finding a new job, we’ve decided to finally put an end to this madness and steer you in the right direction during your job search. Here’s the definitive ranking of the 17 best job search apps and websites so you can find your dream career with ease.

1. LinkedIn Jobs

The ultimate career social platform takes the top spot in our list because it’s really hard to beat the ability to connect with the hiring manager instantly. The mobile app is also very user-friendly, solidifying LinkedIn as the place for job seekers to go to get a leg up. If you have LinkedIn Premium (or upgrade for a free 30-day trial during your job search), you can even see how your experience level, skills and education stack up against the competition.

Pro Tip: When you find a job you plan to apply for on LinkedIn, look for the notification on the job page that tells you if you have any connections who work there. If so, send them a note asking for more information on the company and role. This shows your interest and could potentially lead to a referral. If not, see if anyone you know has a connection that works there and ask for an introduction via LinkedIn.

2. Indeed

One of the OG job search engines, Indeed has definitely stepped up its game to stay relevant with the way we seek out and apply for new jobs. It ranks second on our list because the user experience is unlike any of the other apps or websites out there. The ability to filter by date posted, distance, salary, type, location, company and experience level really makes the job hunt that much easier. Plus, job descriptions open on the same page, making the application process that much faster.

Pro Tip: Be specific with your job search on the platform so that you’re served job openings that really meet your qualifications and needs. We don’t believe in settling, and neither should you.

3. Glassdoor

Known for company reviews, Glassdoor is a great place for job seekers to learn more about the company before applying for a job opening. Between benefits information, salary estimates and feedback from real employees, Glassdoor offers a ton of information that other jobs search apps and websites just don’t. And like Indeed, we really like the user experience of the job description opening on the same page, making it easy to transition between various job postings quickly.

Pro Tip: Take the anonymous company reviews with a grain of salt. Glassdoor is great for learning about culture, salary expectations and benefits packages, but it can also be filled with disgruntled employees who no longer work at the company. The reviews may not always accurately depict the current state of the organization.

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4. ZipRecruiter

The instant messaging feature on ZipRecruiter’s platform makes speaking with hiring managers quick and easy. We appreciate the various filters and listing of similar jobs in the area, too. There might be a dream job that you’re a good fit for just waiting for you to apply, and ZipRecruiter could help you find it fast.

Pro Tip: Turn on ZipRecruiter’s notifications so you can get alerts on jobs you applied for, see messages from hiring managers minutes after they’ve sent them, know whether your application has been viewed and more.

5. CareerBuilder

Just as its name suggests, CareerBuilder is a great place to search for job opportunities that will help you build your career. Its newest feature — My Career Path — helps job seekers better understand the salary they could and should be making in their current or future role.

Pro Tip: During the negotiation stage of a job offer, utilize features like CareerBuilder’s My Career Path to get a sense of the salary you deserve in this role. It’s also important to be realistic with yourself. Understand what you’ll need to be financially responsible, but also what will motivate you to do your best work for the company day in and day out. And don’t sell yourself short!

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6. Monster

With a long-standing reputation, Monster has been around for a while and knows a thing or two about the job search. With similar features to Indeed, CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter, Monster is another great option for anyone looking for a new job. It ranks higher on our list because of its free expert resume critique.

Pro Tip: Utilize Monster’s free expert critique feature so you can feel confident submitting your resume with every job application. Take advantage of this perk even if you don’t think you need it. It’s always smart to have a second set of eyes on your resume before hitting send.

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7. The Muse

We love The Muse because it goes in-depth with company profiles so job seekers can really get a sense of the culture and environment they might be working in one day. Plus, the career advice is top-notch, with both career coaches/experts and everyday employees helping others through sticky situations.

Pro Tip: When you see a job you’re interested in on The Muse, scroll down past the description. You’ll see photos and bios of real employees who work at the company, which can give you a sense of who you might be sharing a desk with in a few weeks.

8. Snag

We like to think of Snag, short for, as the place to go for your side hustle. Between student loan debt and saving for retirement, who doesn’t need a gig outside their full-time job these days? This platform is great for finding something you can do on the side, like bartending or waitressing.

Pro Tip: Unlike other job sites, Snag offers job advice specific to hourly workers. Read up on how to make bigger tips or the best ways to get hired during the holidays to really maximize the money you’re making in that side hustle.

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9. Planted

Solely an app, Planted makes our list because of its in-depth user profile experience. Job seekers fill out a personality quiz that helps match them with potential employers and relevant jobs that they may never even know existed. Plus, Planted’s job listings are more unique than those on the other big apps and websites on this list, so you’ll be in the know of some great companies before the rest of the competition.

Pro Tip: With the hundreds of emails we get per day, job alerts can potentially get lost in our inboxes. Instead, sign up for Planted’s text alerts so you never miss a new posting relevant to you.

10. SimplyHired

A pretty standard job search engine, SimplyHired ranks last on our list due to its lack of filters and ultra-simple design. We appreciate the friendly user experience, but we wish we could get a little more specific at the beginning of our search. The platform offers salary estimates, date posted, job type and distance, but not much else.

Pro Tip: If a job is on SimplyHired, it’s most likely also on LinkedIn and Indeed, so consider using one of those platforms instead to increase your chances of getting hired.

Honorable Mentions

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There are a ton of job search apps and websites out there now, and we could probably go on forever ranking them all. However, we’re all about working smart, not hard, so we’ve listed the best job search apps and websites that we know of, with a few more making our list as honorable mentions. Depending on your industry and experience level, there may be a specific job search app or website that lists openings targeted to your area of expertise. Here are the ones we recommend.

11. Mediabistro

MediaBistro offers highly targeted jobs and internships for professionals in communications, journalism, public relations, advertising and other industries. Plus, it offers online courses that can help job seekers gain additional skills for their resume, making them even more of a prime candidate for that dream job.

12. WayUp

Great for internships and entry-level jobs, WayUp allows users to get personal on their profiles with fun facts and bios that display candidates’ personalities.

13. Career Contessa

Career Contessa is a site that truly inspires professionals to seek out that promotion or new job through its plethora of resources like its job board, career content and coaches.

14. ED2010

If you’re in the market for a job or internship in magazines or digital media, ED2010 is the only place to go. Plus, its content reads like it was written by your new BFF, making the entire job-searching experience that much more fun.

15. Merlin

Merlin stands out and makes our list because it offers job seekers the ability to upload a video with their application so that employers can get a sense of who the candidate is IRL instead of just on paper.

16. Dice

The tech industry might be the hottest market out there right now, and Dice is the place to go for specific job openings at big-name companies like Dell, Deloitte, Apple and more.


To those amazing individuals who want to educate the next generation of leaders, can help you find your dream school, while also staying up to date on industry news.

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