1/6/19 Newsletter: Lemon’s Secret Superpower

lemon's secret superpower


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You already know that consuming lemon ups your vitamin C intake, but it can also help your digestive system run smoothly. Lemons are one of the only foods in our diets that are truly compatible with the digestive fluids present in our stomachs.

What That Means For You: Lemons can improve your ability to break down the foods you’re consuming much more completely and reap the nutritional benefits they have to offer. So you end up extracting all of those great vitamins and minerals from produce and taking in all of the important amino acids you can derive from high-protein food sources.

The Bottom Line: Keep the lemon coming! Squeeze some into your morning smoothie, add a little to your lunch salad dressing and toss some into your dinnertime marinade. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Ziploc Edition

Keep a square of cardboard in a Ziploc bag to protect small, important documents like checks from creasing and from weather like rain.


Did You Know? Crying can actually be beneficial to your health. Your tears have antibacterial properties, and the physical act of crying can release a particular endorphin that helps reduce your sensitivity to pain. [Swirled]

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Career + Finance

If you love Google Earth, you have to check out the Earth Engine Tool. The platform enables users to view satellite images of the globe at extremely detailed scales and is perfect for people who want to see more than the basics. You’ll see tons of updated satellite imagery that you aren’t able to access anywhere else. [Swirled]

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Food + Drink

Make the fluffiest pancakes with a few simple tips. Adding seltzer water in place of tap water can amp up the fluffiness, thanks to those air bubbles, and leaving a few clumps in the batter allows the pancakes to fully rise. (Mixing them too much can cause your pancakes to go flat.) Check out our other favorite tips. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: Indulge in a healthy way by making a banana blueberry mug cake. With just a handful of ingredients (all whole and fresh!), you’ve got an incredible dessert almost instantly — and without any sugar guilt. [Swirled]

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If you dream of floating down Venice’s Grand Canal on a gondola, you need to check out Burano. The island, which is a short boat ride away from Venice’s city center, boasts vivid rainbow colors on every building. Burano has roots as a fishing village, and previous villagers started the tradition of painting their homes with beautiful hues to be seen easily from the sea. [Swirled]

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