4 Creative Ways To Fall Asleep While Traveling


Did you know there’s a scientific reason for why you don’t sleep as well as usual on your first night of a vacation? It’s because your brain is standing guard. You’re in a strange location and your brain doesn’t know if you’re safe.

Here are a couple ways to help you fall asleep a little faster while on the road.

1. Lavender Oil

Add some lavender essential oil to your travel toiletries (just make sure it goes in your liquids bag on the plane). The scent will help you relax and mask any unfamiliar or unpleasant odors so that you can drift off more easily.

2. Recount Your Day’s Travels

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You know how kids get a story before bed? Tell yourself your own story while you try to fall asleep. But in order to really focus your brain and keep wandering thoughts to a minimum, start at the end of your day and mentally retrace your steps back to when you got up.

3. Prep For Jetlag

If you are heading somewhere in a different time zone, know you might be jetlagged upon arrival. Bring a sleep mask to get some zzz’s even when the sun is out or take small doses of melatonin to ease your body onto a new schedule.

4. Listen To White Noise

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Spotify, podcasts and iTunes have tons of white noise options to cover any bumps in the night. My personal favorite? The Sleep With Me Podcast. When the host discovered his voice was soothingly monotonous, he began recording podcasts to help put people to sleep. He rambles on and on – it’s the perfect mix of distraction and white noise.


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