Your Weird Sleep Habits Aren’t As Bizarre As You Think

Unsplash/Zohre Nemati

Do you tune into a particular playlist before drifting off to sleep at night? Or better yet, do you press the snooze button a bazillion times before finally climbing out of bed in the morning? No matter what your sleepytime rituals may be, you’re definitely not alone in how you catch your Z’s.

The folks at Apalon, the creators of the Good Morning Alarm Clock app, compiled a bunch of sleep data from its thousands of users. The app tracks your different phases of sleep and wakes you up gently at the ideal point in your final sleep cycle of the morning to help you rise feeling well-rested rather than groggy and grumpy. It also provides easy-to-understand statistics about your sleep each night so you can track your sleep debt, the number of hours slept and the quality of sleep during those hours.

When it comes down to the data, some of our sleep habits are on point, others could use some improvement and the outliers are truly unbelievable. Check out the stats below to see where you fit.

Unsplash/Jacob Townsend

When it comes to sleeping enough…

A solid 27 percent of users set their sleep goal for seven hours, while 13 percent chose six hours and 9 percent chose nine hours.

And how long does it take to fall asleep?

Approximately 40 percent of users set their sleep timers for just five minutes, meaning they aim to fall asleep within that short window of time. And 17 percent of users were a little more accepting of their buzzing minds and set their sleep timers for 15 minutes.

Do certain noises help you doze off?

Bring on the calming sounds! The majority of the app users tune into rain and ocean sounds with their sleep timer to help them drift off, and almost a quarter of them use their own carefully curated sleep playlists.

What time does that rooster crow?

Earlier than you’d think! Almost 10 percent of users set an alarm for 7 a.m., and the 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. time slots are close runner-ups. Who has time to waste by sleeping in anymore?

And finally, are you a snoozer?

We’ve got some work do to here, folks. Almost a quarter of users snooze an average of one time, and 2 percent of users press the snooze button 10 times. Think that’s a lot? The app had one user press “snooze” a whopping 101 times in a row before finally turning the alarm off. We don’t know if they finally got up after that or just gave up and slept into the next day, but we sure hope it’s the former.