Sleep In Airports As Comfortably As Possible With These 6 Tips


Sleeping in the airport kinda sucks. We’ve suffered through it, but there are times when it truly is the best option. Maybe you have a red-eye departure. Maybe your O.G. flight was delayed overnight and you don’t want to shell out for a last-minute hotel or other sleeping pod option. Regardless of the reason why you’re trying to snooze a little bit in the airport, here’s how to make it more comfortable — or at least as comfy as sleeping in airports can possibly be.

1. Stake out a spot.

The first rule of napping in the airport is find a good spot for the night. If you can’t find chairs with enough space to spread out, aim for a section of floor that’s carpeted. It’ll give you as much of a cushion as you could hope for. (Pro tip: If you know ahead of time that you’ll be crashing in the airport, pack a towel or large scarf to make the floor a little bit more welcoming.)

2. Protect your belongings.

Even during sleepytime, regular airport rules apply. Do not leave baggage unattended. When you’re sleeping, keep any valuables in a cross-body bag. You can wrap it around you for safekeeping. If you have a backpack, put a leg through a strap or use it as a pillow. If you have a suitcase, try to position yourself in a corner where you’re blocking access. No one will likely ever mess with your luggage, but you’ll sleep easier knowing that everything is safe.

3. Bring warm clothes.

Airports keep the temps pretty low. You might not notice the cool air when you’re hustling through the halls to get to your gate in time, but if you’re curled up on the ground all night, you will absolutely feel it. Even if you’re headed to a tropical destination, bring a warm layer (like a sweater, sweatshirt or jacket).

4. Have serious earplugs.

Airport business doesn’t stop just because you want to sleep. Expect loudspeaker announcements, roaring engines and other passengers figuring out how to get to their flights. Noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs will help get catch some Z’s.

5. Pack sanitizing wipes.

Airports are home to so many germs. It’s absolutely horrifying. Recent research shows the airport terminals have more icky bacteria and fungus than even airplane bathrooms. So if you’re hanging out for an extended time in the terminal, it’s helpful to have some sanitizing wipes to counteract the gross factor.

6. Set an alarm.

After sacrificing your beauty sleep in the name of travel, you don’t want to risk missing your flight. If you’re sleeping outside security, set an alarm for two hours before your departure. That’s enough time to put yourself together, go through security and find your gate. If you’re sleeping at your gate, get up an hour before your flight to get situated and board.

Still wondering if sleeping in the airport is worth it? There’s a website for that. breaks down the sleeping options in airports around the world and even has ratings for the best and worst airports to sleep in across the globe.