Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Essential Oils

Unsplash/Andrew Branch

Regardless of whether you really believe in aromatherapy’s ability to heal your body naturally, you have to admit that fresh scents from the earth smell pretty damn incredible. And your body tends to react to citrus, floral, spicy and woody notes in a multitude of ways, which is why people have come to use different essential oils for different purposes.

If you’re just getting started in the world of plant oils and aromatherapy, it can be pretty overwhelming to navigate all of your options and pick the best scent pairings for your desired effect. So we compiled the ultimate essential oils starter guide for you, highlighting two scents to try for energy, focus and concentration, happiness, comfort, stress relief and restful sleep. With this in hand, you’ll be a pro in no time.

For Energy:

Sweet Orange


You know how you feel an instant boost when you peel an orange? Well, a similar effect occurs when you use sweet orange oil without eating the actual fruit. It helps to alert your senses while also reducing inflammation in your body, leaving you feeling awake and ready to jump into your day.



This woody herb doesn’t just dress up a pan of roasted potatoes — a whiff of this potent scent can help provide a boost of mental clarity to get your morning moving. Rosemary oil helps to increase blood circulation in your body, enhancing cognitive function and reducing anxiety simultaneously.

For Focus:



One of the oldest uses of peppermint oil revolves around focusing the mind and aiding in concentration abilities. Some even say sniffing this menthol-filled scent helps improve their memory and keeps them alert, so leaving a little bottle of this stuff at the office might not be a bad idea.



Lemon is more bitter than it’s sweet orange cousin, but it has the ability to leave any space smelling fresh and clean. And when you inhale the scent of lemon oil, it simultaneously stimulates and relaxes your brain, leaving you with the perfect headspace for a long bout of productivity.

For Happiness:



Bergamot is actually a bitter type of orange tree native to the Mediterranean region. It has long been used as a natural antidepressant due to its ability to uplift a person’s mood instantaneously. Bergamot oil also reduces anxiety and mental and physical fatigue, creating an enduring sense of relief and happiness.



This pretty little flower does wonders for your emotional well-being. The sweet smell of geranium oil is known for providing a sense of happiness when you’re feeling at all down or depressed. Some say this is due to its tonic effect on the body, seeing as it helps to regulate your endocrine system (read: hormones).

For Stress Relief:



These cooling leaves can do more than just soothe a cold-riddled body. Eucalyptus oil is amazing at relieving a day’s worth of stress as well as mitigating any mental fatigue you might feel. Rejuvenate your body with this scent in the shower, or even rub a few drops directly into your temples.

Clary Sage


This essential oil has sedative, euphoric and antidepressant properties, helping to bring a sense of clarity to your stressed-out mind within minutes. Clary sage oil has a balancing effect on hormones (including that pesky cortisol) and is often used by people who struggle with anxiety-related insomnia.

For Comfort:



This musky and earthy scent isn’t just for your hippie friends. Patchouli oil has a unique combination of antidepressant and mild sedative properties that make it effective in putting you in a cozy, positive mental state. It’s specifically known in the aromatherapy world for helping people move past feelings of loss and despair.



It’s time to explore cinnamon outside your spice rack. The sweet, warm, woody aroma of cinnamon oil is basically the definition of comfort. Just a dab of this essential oil can help stimulate your senses, improve your digestion, reduce inflammation and balance your emotions.

For Sleep:



Lavender oil is basically the best natural sleep aid of all time. Its scent is immediately calming thanks to how it increases alpha waves in the part of the brain responsible for relaxation. So dab a bit onto a hand towel, place it under your pillow, take a few deep breaths and let it work its magic.



This daisy-like herb is famous for brewing the best cup of soothing tea, but chamomile oil can also be used to enjoy its sleep-inducing benefits. Diffusing it in your home will immediate alleviate any stress or anxiety keeping you wound up, and create a pleasant, subtle sedative effect.