Coffee Lemonade Is The Energizing Drink Combo You Need This Summer

coffee lemonade raleigh


Odd food combinations always end up surprising us, but usually in a good way. If you’ve ever devoured a bacon brownie, tried mangoes with cayenne, scarfed pizza drizzled with hot honey or put ice cream on your French fries, you know what we’re talking about. And Jubala Coffee in Raleigh, North Carolina, just added a new flavor combo to this wonderful list: coffee lemonade.

You might think lemonade should stick with tea, but this $4 coffee lemonade has customers feeling all kinds of confused about their flavor preferences. The citrus-spiked coffee is made with cold brew coffee, house-made lemon syrup and tonic water. What seems like a recipe for a borderline weird concoction turns out to be refreshing and layered in all the right ways — just like an expensive cocktail.

Jubula isn’t the only cafe experimenting with lemonade. In Portland, the Aussie-style coffee shop Proud Mary has an iced coffee lemonade on the menu. And internationally, you’ll find coffee lemonade at Hong Kong’s The Coffee Academics.

We’re not saying you should go squeezing lemon into your coffee all of the time, but we’re fans of how coffee shops around the country (and the world) are teaching cold brew lovers to embrace the citrus life, one cup at a time.


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