Chili-Infused Honey Is The Spicy-And-Sweet Condiment For Everything


Chances are if you’re into anything spicy, you’ll love chili-infused honey. If you feel the need to smother everything you eat in sriracha, this is right up your alley. Chili-infused honey is perfect for drizzling over everything from ice cream to pizza to chicken to cocktails.

Chili-infused honey is probably one of the most versatile condiments. It’s available at select Whole Foods locations, or you can buy it online from companies like Mike’s Hot Honey that have mastered the craft with wildflower honey and chili peppers.

Bushwick Kitchen makes the Bees Knees Spicy Honey, which you can also purchase online. Bees Knees combines sweet honey from the Hudson Valley with a mix of chili peppers. Hot honey is usually gluten free and paleo-friendly. Put it on roasted Brussels sprouts, drizzle it over fresh ricotta or slather it on some hot buttery biscuits. The possibilities are endless.

Hot honey has an extra level of depth thanks to the floral qualities of both the honey and the peppers. Once you become a fan of hot honey, you can graduate to an even more intense version. Chefs at NYC’s Quality Italian make a version of spicy Calabrian chili honey by steeping dried Calabrian chili peppers in warm honey. They serve it over their famous chicken parm pizza, which has a crust made entirely of fried chicken.

Martha Stewart has a recipe for Calabrian chili honey that’s made with Calabrian chili paste. Chili-infused honey is probably the simplest condiment to make, but it packs in a crazy amount of flavor. You’ll want to stock up for winter.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can easily make this two-ingredient sweet-and-spicy sauce at home. Slice up chili peppers and add them to a small sauce pan. Pour your honey into the pan and make sure it’s enough to cover all of the peppers.

Side note: You’ll want to wear gloves if you plan on touching your eyes or face at any point, or else just wash your hands.

To get the right texture and consistency, use pasteurized honey instead of the raw kind. Make sure you constantly stir the honey to avoid any burning. Bring the honey to a simmer over medium-low heat, then reduce the heat to low and let it slowly cook for an hour or so until it infuses. You can add as little or as much chili as you want, depending on how spicy you like it.