Why Nitro Coffee Is Better Than Traditionally-Brewed


To some, coffee is everything. And, it’s a little difficult to imagine breaking the habit of visiting your favorite coffee shop every morning and instead go for something you’ve never heard of. But we swear — nitro coffee may just change everything about your own coffee preferences. What is nitro coffee, you ask? Let us explain.

Nitro coffee is exactly what it sounds like — coffee brewed with nitrogen. Weird, right? The nitrogen transforms the taste and texture of the coffee, making it crisper and naturally a bit sweeter. Even black nitro coffee is frothy and creamy. Eater reports that “it’s a completely new coffee experience.”

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Any beer lover can appreciate the gorgeous cascade of nitro brew coming straight out what looks like a beer tap. (Most cafes that serve nitro brew have coffee taps.)

Many brands — even Trader Joe’s — are jumping on the nitro bandwagon, offering both out-of-tap and canned nitro coffees.

Coffee that reminds us of our favorite beer draft? Sounds like something we need…immediately.