These Are The Best Cold Brew Coffee Brands For Your Budget

best cold brew brands

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Coffee devotees understand the effect a bottle of quality cold brew can have on your day, compared to a cup of hot coffee. If you’re a cold brew drinker, chances are you’ve already made room in your budget for that daily coffee, or you’ve become an expert at brewing your own. While it’s always satisfying to stop by your local coffee shop for an iced cold brew, bottles are more convenient. You can buy them in bulk and save a little money in the process. These are the best bottled cold brew brands for your budget.

If you love cold brew, but you’re trying to have self-control…

Limitless — Cold Brew Coffee

For a sure thing when it comes to a much-needed morning jolt, Limitless cold brew retails in the $4.50 range. The beans are wet-washed, air-roasted and soaked for 16 hours in pure water to give you a robust, smooth and caffeine-heavy cold brew. Limitless comes in flavors like vanilla, salted caramel and mocha. For complete transparency, the caffeine, calories and grams of sugar are listed front and center.

Grady’s Cold Brew — Iced Coffee Concentrate

Grady’s is one of the most commonly available bottled cold brews out there. It’ll run you about $5 for the New Orleans-style cold brew concentrate, which is robust with a signature blend of chicory, coffee and spices. Since Grady’s is a concentrate — thicker than your average cold brew — you’ll have to mix it with equal parts water, milk or sparkling water, depending on how much you like black coffee versus creamy coffee. Grady’s comes in French vanilla and hazelnut mocha. The best part? You’ll be able to get a few drinks out of each bottle.

Lucky Jack — Cold Brew Coffee

You’ll feel like you’re drinking an ice cold beer with Lucky Jack cold brew. Everything from the bottle shape to the old-school sailboat on the label are pretty damn cool. Lucky Jack will run you about $4 per bottle and it comes in five flavors: Triple Black, Old School, Sweet Thing, Lean Bean and Slow Brew. Each bottle of cold brew has the USDA Organic stamp and all of the flavors, except for Sweet Thing and Lean Bean, are sugar-free. For the quality of the coffee and the presentation, Lucky Jack is hella attainable.

La Colombe — Pure Black Cold Brew Coffee 

best cold brew brands


Each can of La Colombe (usually in the $4.50 range) is equal to two cups of coffee, so you know you’ll be wired. The specialty coffee beans that La Colombe uses are fresh-roasted, steeped in steel wine tanks, brewed overnight, cold-press and filtered to give you the final Pure Black Cold Brew. Since Pure Black is double-filtered you’ll get a smooth and clean sip with a natural sweetness and a strong coffee flavor. When you get to your destination, pour it over a glass of ice for a good time.

Blue Bottle — Cold Brew Coffee

For the perfect road trip pick-me-up, Blue Bottle’s cold brew comes in convenient eight-ounce cans at about $4 each. The company is known for its New Orleans-style iced coffee, which is a combination of cold brew coffee, chicory root, whole milk and simple syrup. The cold brew is made with only organic roasted coffee and water. The coffee itself has chocolate notes, yet no sugar and a bitter aftertaste.

If you love cold brew enough to break the bank…

In the world of cold brew, an extra dollar can seem like a lot. When you’re on a certain level of “treating yourself,” there are a few bottled cold brews out there that’ll make you want to savor every sip.

Rebel — Reishi Cold Brew Coffee

For anyone who’s on the mushroom drink train, Rebel has a Reishi Cold Brew that’s made with reishi mushrooms to support a healthy immune system. The cold brew, which retails for around $5, has reishi extract that’s 70 percent beta-glucan, which is considered the gold-standard in terms of organic reishi extracts. This mushroom cold brew is made with ingredients including organic coconut milk, organic fair trade cold-brewed coffee, organic reishi extract and organic vanilla extract, with only one gram of sugar per bottle.

Secret Squirrel — Cold Brew Coffee

best cold brew brands


The family-owned coffee company Secret Squirrel uses organic coffee that’s brewed over a period of 18 to 24 hours, double filtered and bottled quickly after. This cold brew process allows the beans to reach peak boldness without the bitterness or acidity. Each bottle of Secret Squirrel cold brew retails in the $5 range. You won’t need any cream or sugar to make this brew more approachable. Chances are you’ll be impressed with this one. The cold brew is naturally sweet and smooth and you won’t get any kind of sediment at the bottom. Secret Squirrel’s organic coffee comes in flavors like 3x concentrate, original, black coffee with maple and brown sugar, caffe latte, dark chocolate mocha, Vietnamese coffee and chicory coffee.

Royal Cup Coffee And Tea — Cold Brew Coffee

A major leader in the world of coffee sourcing, roasting and blending, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea has finally created a bottled cold brew after 122 years of business. This bottled cold brew retails for about $6. The cold brew is made with 100 percent Arabica beans, which are dark roasted, ground and steeped in triple-filtered water. The coffee is full-bodied and less acidic than usual. Royal Cup cold brew comes in three flavors: French roast, rainforest bold and French roast lightly sweetened.

Rise Brewing Co. — Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitrogen-infused cold brewing is one of the best things to ever hit the coffee world. It’s thick, creamy and full-bodied and feels like you’re drinking a milkshake. Rise Brewing Co. makes a nitro cold brew coffee — each bottle is in the $5 range — with purified water, organic coffee and 200 milligrams of natural caffeine per can. Bring on all of the nitro cold brews!


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