9 Of The Best Bottled Cold Brews When Hot Coffee Isn’t Your Thing


There are two kinds of people in this world: those who drink hot coffee and those who prefer their java on the chillier side. And if you ask us, cold coffee works in pretty much every scenario. If it’s hot outside, you can chug and chug without worrying about burning your mouth, and if it’s cold outside, you can just wear some gloves and keep sipping. 

When it comes to cold coffee options, cold brew is in a league of its own. It’s brewed with room temperature water over a longer period of time, and the result is a bit sweeter, more mellow and more balanced. Of course, time is money, so cold brew prices will be steeper than your average cup. But it’s worth it — especially when you want to stock your fridge with the good stuff for the week ahead. Here are the best bottled cold brew options worth checking out in grocery stores around the country.

1. Lucky Jack Double Black Nitro Cold Brew

Lucky Jack Double Black is infused with extra espresso. If you like your cold brew slightly effervescent and strong, this one is for you. It’s made with organic Arabica coffee, purified water and zero grams of sugar.

2. La Colombe Draft Latte

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The La Colombe Draft Latte tastes like a cold latte with a frothy layer of silky foam. It’s made with lactose-free milk and cold-pressed espresso, and it’s naturally sweet with no added sugar.

3. Chameleon Cold-Brew

The OG Chameleon Cold-Brew has notes of cocoa and toffee. It’s a combination roast of Central and South American 100 percent organic and fair trade coffee beans. This cold brew has about one-half of the acidity of traditional coffee.

4. Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew

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Stumptown has a reputation for being a pioneer in the cold brew world. The Oregon-based coffee company was one of the first places to create the nitro cold brew. Nitrogen gas is pumped into the brew, making its texture silkier and thicker, almost like a stout. It’s like drinking a Guinness without all of the calories.

5. Grady’s Cold Brew

Grady’s New Orleans-style cold brew is steeped with chicory and a special spice blend for 20 hours, making it velvety smooth. Drink it straight or mix one part Grady’s with one part milk for your morning coffee. You’ll get a sweet-and-savory flavor profile with this one.

6. Blue Bottle Cold Brew

Blue Bottle Cold Brew comes in tiny eight-ounce cans, but it packs a bold flavor. It’s made with natural coffee beans from Ethiopia and Uganda to create a fruity and sparkling quality coffee.

7. Starbucks Cold Brew Black 

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If you’re a Starbucks fan because you like your coffee strong, go for the original black cold brew. It’s cold-steeped and smooth with subtle notes of cocoa. And if you like your Starbucks more on the sweet side, the company also makes a cold brew with cocoa and honey.

8. Califia Farms Pure Black Cold Brew 

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This unsweetened cold brew has no added sugar and it’s made with premium Arabica beans. It’s soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and carrageenan-free, and there are only 20 calories per serving. If you want to lighten this brew up a bit, you could add a little vanilla almond milk. Califia Farms makes this cold brew with just pure water and coffee.

9. Wandering Bear Straight Black Cold Brew

You can buy Wandering Bear Cold Brew straight in a box, which contains about 16 servings. It keeps its rich flavor for about a month, so if you’re someone who likes to enjoy coffee on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis, this box of cold brew is perfect for you. Wandering Bear Cold Brew is on the strong side, so it’ll give you that morning jolt you need to power through your day.