This Canned Cold Brew Has Twice The Caffeine As Your Coffee And It’s Super Smooth


For a canned coffee that you can find at your corner convenience store, High Brew Coffee kills it. The taste is smooth, bold and way less bitter than what you’re used to. In one can there’s the same amount of caffeine as you get in two cups of brewed coffee.

The cold brew comes in six flavors: Black and Bold, Double Espresso, Creamy Cappuccino and Protein, Mexican Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Mocha and Salted Caramel.

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There are no preservatives and the company uses monk fruit — a small round fruit that’s grown in Southeast Asia — as a natural sweetener.

The beans are 100 percent direct trade and the coffee is brewed over time without heat. This heightens the natural coffee flavor, but reduces the amount of acidity like you’d find in a regular cup of coffee.

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The fact that High Brew comes in cans means you can throw a bunch of them in your bag for a long hike or a day trip.

You can find High Brew at your local Duane Reade, and you can check out the coffee company here.