ClassPass’ New Free Audio App Boosts Your Workouts Outside The Studio

Unsplash/ Juan Pablo Rodriguez

We know the struggle — heading to a workout class requires advanced planning, travel time and potentially forgetting to pack a sports bra in your gym bag. On the other hand, working out at home can also be a struggle, whether it be because of space, time or equipment needed.

Luckily, ClassPass, the fitness class subscription service, wants to help you fix that issue. The company’s new app, ClassPass Go, provides users with unlimited access to audio workout tracks so you can exercise anywhere, anytime. With the free app, the folks behind ClassPass hope to reach people in cities where the studio service is not (yet) provided. This means customers can work out with ClassPass even if they can’t physically attend a class.

Initially, ClassPass Go is offering 400 audio tracks featuring both indoor and outdoor cardio workouts, such as running, walking, yoga, meditation, cycling, rowing and high-intensity interval training.  The workouts, which are taught by top trainers, range from 5-minute to 90-minute sessions. Basically, you can have your pick of whatever workout you’re feeling that day. Oh, and did we mention there will be more recordings added every month?

Unsplash/ Ayo Ogunseinde

ClassPass also knows that the perfect playlist is key for a great workout, so the app is fully loaded with DJ-curated playlists in nearly every genre imaginable — they’re even working on integrating Spotify Premium and Apple Music sometime soon. Just download the app and personalize the workout of your choice, whether that be with your fitness level, time availability, accessible equipment or fitness goals. When you’re ready to call it quits, you can save it for later and rate and review the workout.

Earlier this year, ClassPass launched ClassPass Live, a video product for customers to enjoy workout classes from the comfort of their own homes. And thanks to ClassPass Go, you have another reason to avoid rushing out of work in a hurry or waking up at the crack of dawn to exercise before your workday begins. How soon can we get started?


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