You’ll Never Have To Step Foot In A Gym Again, Thanks To This Super-Sleek Home Treadmill

treadmill for apartments

Reshot/Ricardo Iwakura

Let’s face it: The gym isn’t for everyone. Even if you absolutely love working out, the sweaty crowds, fights over open machines and overly competitive vibes are enough to send anyone sprinting right back to their apartment couch. So maybe it’s time to invest a little more in your home gym setup rather than forking over hard-earned cash on that monthly membership you don’t even enjoy.

It’s easy to snag simple (and cheap) items like a yoga mat, free weights, resistance bands and a stability ball to take care of your strength and flexibility training needs. But when it comes to cardio, unless you want to stick to plyometric workout programs (anything that involves jumping), you’re pretty limited. That’s where Treadly comes in.

Treadly is a new, state-of-the-art, compact treadmill that takes the place of all of those super expensive folding treadmill options you’ve come across in the past. Instead of just creating a small treadmill, the designers of Treadly used only the running surface itself with an optional handrail that pops up on the sides.

This minimalist, lightweight design makes it possible to fit your treadmill pretty much anywhere — a small apartment, the corner of your office, you name it. You also won’t have nearly as much trouble moving it around on your own. Thanks to its single panel design, Treadly weighs just 55 pounds. The dimensions of the running area are impressive for such a compact treadmill — 48 inches long by 20 inches wide. And since it’s only 5 inches tall, you’ll barely notice it when it’s stored against your wall.

treadmill for apartments


Since Treadly doesn’t use an upright control panel, you’re probably wondering about how the speed control works. Well, thanks to its built-in infrared stepping technology, Treadly tracks the position of your feet on the belt and adjusts its speed accordingly based on three stepping location zones. If you step toward the front of the belt, the speed will increase. Stepping in the middle of the belt will allow you to maintain your existing speed. And stepping toward the back will make the belt slow down and eventually stop altogether. The average walking speed on Treadly is 3.7 miles per hour and the maximum speed is 5 miles an hour (the handrail is required for safety), which is plenty to get your heart rate up and keep it there throughout a cardio workout.

The touch-free LCD display at the front of the platform shares your time spent on the treadmill, your number of steps taken and your total distance covered. Oh, and it’s one of the quietest home-use treadmills around, thanks to its patented compact motor technology. Just note that due to its super sleek design, the maximum weight for the machine is 250 pounds.

Now, when the folks at Treadly say “minimalist” design, they mean it. The treadmill doesn’t have an MP3 player, iPod or Bluetooth connection, and it doesn’t include a heart rate monitor. But that’s the point — it focuses on giving you the workout you want using the least amount of extra space as possible and lets you decide the rest. (We would totally Netflix and jog with this baby.)

Once Treadly starts shipping later in 2018, the treadmill will sell for $1,197. But right now, pre-order pricing reduces your investment to $699 and comes with a 1-year warranty. So if you’re ready to make that intense workout from your own home a reality, you know what to do…


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