Create The Perfect Home Gym In Your Tiny Apartment With Just $50


Can’t afford an absurdly expensive gym membership? Not a problem. These four workout essentials can convert even the tiniest apartment into the perfect home gym space. And the best part is they won’t even run you a collective $50. Talk about a steal. Sure, the list seems a little bare bone, but sometimes, simple is actually far more effective, especially when it comes to fitness. So put all of those excuses for why you can’t exercise today to rest and get sweating from the comfort of your own home.

1. Exercise Mat — $17.99


This one is the essential of all essentials. Don’t force yourself to lie down on the hardwood floor as you do crunches, glute bridges or basically any exercise that begins with you in a tabletop position. Your shoulders, spine and knees will thank you.

2. Set Of 5-Pound Dumbbells — $16.99


Snag a cheap set of dumbbells for those strength training moves that require a little bit more than your body weight. We recommend 5 pounds so you can use them for both your strongest and weakest muscle groups, and just add reps as you feel like you can handle a bigger challenge.

3. Set Of 4 Resistance Bands — $5.95


Resistance bands give you leverage that dumbbells cannot in a lot of exercises designed to tone and sculpt the body. (And who doesn’t want that?) This set provides various difficulty levels for you to work up to over time.

4. Jump Rope — $7.99


This amazing piece of equipment weighs next to nothing, takes up very little space and gives you a killer cardio workout that rivals any gym machine. You’ll get effective aerobic exercise, work muscles from head to toe and tone the body. Win win win.

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