This Is The Best Workout For Your Personality Type

most enjoyable workouts

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By now, most of us are aware of the great benefits that come with regular exercise. Working out on the reg can boost your mood, help you maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your bones and even keep your brain sharper. Even knowing these benefits, the biggest challenge of all is finding a workout that you’re actually going to stick with. Not all workouts are fit for every individual, and when it comes to maintaining a regular training routine and staying motivated, it’s crucial to pick a type of exercise that you actually enjoy.

Some swear by fast-paced spin classes where the instructor screams at you at the top of her lungs. Others recoil at the thought of this type of workout, and would rather opt for a tranquil, dim-lit yoga class. To help you find a workout that you’ll enjoy and actually do, we decided to roundup workouts that suit these eight popular personality types the best. Which personality type are you?

For The Extreme Introvert: A Solo Run

most enjoyable workouts

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If you’re a person who recoils at the thought of sweating it out with a group of other humans, you might want to stick to solo workouts and stay away from group fitness. For the individual who wants to avoid small talk at all costs, we recommend running as your workout of choice. Just think about it, all you need to do is stick in your headphones and hop on a treadmill or start on your favorite trail, and you won’t have to deal with interacting with anyone for the rest of your workout. Bonus: Travel a little further for your run to one of these beautifully secluded running routes where you might not see another person for miles.

For The Social Butterfly: A Zumba Class

most enjoyable workouts

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When you’re at the gym, most of your time is spent talking to other gym-goers rather than exercising. If chatting up strangers and making new friends is what you live for, we think that Zumba will be your new favorite workout. This aerobic dance class will make you feel like you’re attending one giant party. Zumba will allow you to socialize while actually doing something good for your body, instead of prepping yourself for a massive hangover.

For The Highly Competitive Type: CrossFit

most enjoyable workouts

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Do your friends refuse to play board games with you because of how competitive you get? If you’re the Monica of your friend group (read: highly competitive) then we recommend an intense, numbers-based workout like CrossFit. Regular CrossFit-goers say that it’s not unusual to throw up after your first time doing the workout. If this doesn’t intimidate you, you’ll feel right at home.

Although CrossFit has a great community and you’ll probably make a lot of friends there, when class starts people are not there to chit-chat, they’re there to put in work. Throughout the duration of the workout class, you’ll be competing with fellow gym-goers to see who can do the most repetitions for a certain exercise, like pushups, in the least amount of time. Most people would hate this concept, but if you’re highly competitive, chances are that you’ll thrive in this type of environment.

For The Adventurous One: A Breath-Taking Hike

most enjoyable workouts

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If you’re a self-proclaimed adventure-junky, you might not like the idea of joining a gym and spending so much time indoors, especially when the weather’s nice. But just because you don’t like the thought of going to a fitness facility to do your workouts, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise at all. For the explorer at heart, we recommended hiking as the best means of exercise. Break a sweat while taking in the most beautiful views and exploring a new land. You’ll be so busy checking out the scenery that you won’t even feel like you’re exercising.

For The One With Pent-Up Anger: A Boxing Class

most enjoyable workouts

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Everything and everyone gets on your nerves, and it doesn’t take much to set you off on a rant. If you’re a naturally tense person, or if you’re just experiencing a period of extra pent-up frustration, taking regular boxing classes might be just what you need to feel a little more zen. Boxing will allow you to sweat out all of your frustrations while simultaneously getting in a great workout. This type of exercise is optimal for both building strength and improving your cardiovascular fitness.

For The Energizer Bunny: A Spin Class

most enjoyable workouts based on your personality type

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You’re extremely hyperactive and just can’t sit still. It’s not uncommon for people to refer to you as the “energizer bunny.” If this sounds like you, then your ideal workout is a fast-paced spin class. One of the goals of spin is to keep your legs moving at all times, usually for 45 minutes to an hour. In many spin classes, the faster you peddle, the better. If you’re looking for a place to direct all of your extra energy, taking a spin class is a good (and healthy) way to get rid of it.

For The Perpetually Indecisive One: Boot Camp Class

most enjoyable workouts

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If your biggest barrier to maintaining a regular exercise routine is not being able to decide what workout to do, taking Boot Camp classes could be the answer to your problem. Boot Camp combines strength and cardio exercises so that you won’t have to choose between the two on any given day. To keep your muscles guessing, every Boot Camp class incorporates different exercises even at the same studio. Unlike CrossFit, in Boot Camp it’s very unlikely that you’ll be asked to lift some insane amount of weight, you’ll most likely be given a range of weight to lift and then you can pick whatever weight you’re comfortable with. Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the most popular Boot Camp classes enjoyed by beginners and advanced fitness-goers alike.

For The Hard-Core Exercise-Hater: Intramural Sports

most enjoyable workouts


Who says that you need to hit the gym to keep active? If you’re one of those people who hates exercise more than anything else, consider joining an intramural sports league like soccer or softball. Chances are that if you live in a decent-sized city, you’ll have access to many different types of recreational sports leagues. You can choose to be part of one of that takes itself very seriously or one that people just join to be social and stay active. Intramural sports leagues for adults are also a great way for you to meet new people and make friends with like-minded individuals. The best part of this type of physical activity? You’ll be having so much fun playing the sport that you won’t even realize that it’s exercise.

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