This Is The Best Outdoor Adventure For Your Personality


Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of adrenaline-inducing outdoor activities you can experience around the world? We can help. Here’s the best adventure for you, based on your outdoorsy personality type.

For the fearless explorer…

Whitewater Kayaking in Costa Rica

Tackle the rapids on Costa Rica’s Pacuare River, which runs from the Talamanca mountain range to the Caribbean Sea. The rainforest surrounding the river is the epitome of tropical Costa Rica. You’ll need to be pretty confident in your paddling; Pacuare is designated as having Class 3 rapids (on the scale that goes up to 6).

For the introvert…

Hiking through Tasmania, Australia

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The Overland Track gives you the perfect amount of time to get some solo days outdoors. The Tasmanian track is a 40-mile trail, but you can extend the trek to include a rock scramble up Mount Ossa and a hike around Lake St. Clair (the deepest lake in Australia).

For the adrenaline junkie…

Skydiving in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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If you’re constantly seeking your next thrill, you can’t go wrong jumping out of an airplane in Dubai. The Palm Drop Zone is famous for the views, and you don’t have to go it alone. You can do a tandem dive.

For the non-stop workaholic…

Rock Climbing on Kalymnos, Greece

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Your ever-striving personality is well-suited for the perseverance required for rock climbing. Try Kalymnos Island in Greece for some of the best sport climbing in the world. Many climbing routes overlook other picturesque Greek islands.

For the daydreamer…

Paddleboarding in Florida, U.S.

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Paddle with sea creatures in Florida. You can be in the water with subtropical fishes, manatees or dolphins around Marco Island. It’s an ocean-lover’ss dream!

For the overachiever…

Canyoning in Bovec, Slovenia

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Slovenia’s canyons are perfect for this extreme sport. Canyoning is a combination of rock climbing, cliff jumping and white water rafting (without the raft), so if you want to combine every adventure sport into one experience, this is for you. Hit Bovec or Lake Bled for ultimate in-your-face thrills.