This New Fitness App Makes Treadmill Workouts Suck A Lot Less


Sick of dragging yourself through boring treadmill workout after boring treadmill workout? Join the club, and by that, we mean the easily accessible, inexpensive boutique fitness club alternative for indoor runners called Studio.

Studio is a new fitness app that’s revolutionizing everything about your standard treadmill workout. Its audio programs pair you with motivating running instructors and kickass playlists, transforming your gym wherever you are into your very own boutique fitness studio. Think Mile High Run Club without the high costs, rigid class schedule and location exclusivity.

One of the main goals of the app is to reach anyone and everyone who is interested in working up a sweat on a treadmill no matter where they live or how tight their budgets might be. For just $99 per year or $14.99 per month, you can access a wide variety of running “class” options that suit everyone from beginners to elite athletes. The instructors come from places like Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, Flywheel and Cityrow, so you know the audio classes they lead are legit. And new workouts are added every day.


The app also gives you the option of syncing all of your workout data to a leaderboard so you see how you stack up against others across the country taking the same on-demand classes. And it makes it easier — not to mention more fun — to track your own progress as you take different classes over time. You even earn Fitcoin for how long and far you run in each workout, which ups your status as a user over time and earns you access to IRL prizes. (Talk about incentivizing those sweat sessions.)

Studio recently partnered with Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, so all of their audio classes and leaderboard stats can load directly onto every Life Fitness treadmill screen no matter which gym you use. Just log in and get jogging. The majority of gym chains stock Life Fitness cardio equipment, so this is a major win for the fitness junkies living in small towns with limited access to cool classes. And even if your gym doesn’t use these treadmills, your iPhone or Apple Watch will keep you on track.

So here’s to new fitness tech that can actually be used by anyone who wants to give it a try. We are all about the inclusivity — and getting in some serious workouts when our busy schedules allow for it.