Your Favorite Fitness Membership Is Coming Live To Your Living Room


Sometimes, thanks to your increasingly busy life, there’s just no way in hell you can make it to the gym or your favorite studio class. But cutting out the commute time required to get there could make all the difference, and one company, in fact, is banking on it.

ClassPass, the largest studio fitness membership network in the country, announced that it will be launching ClassPass Live, a new way to enjoy your favorite classes in its network from your own living room. Starting in 2018, ClassPass will offer standalone subscriptions that grant users access to its exclusive instructors, workout options and heart rate-training technology.

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“By expanding into an at-home digital product, we’re able to offer existing members more value and flexibility in how and when they work out while simultaneously bringing studio fitness inspired workouts to more people nationwide,” ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman said in a statement.

By adding live-stream fitness to its portfolio, ClassPass will officially have the three major corners of the exercise market covered: access to boutique studios, access to larger gym brands and access to at-home workouts that are on par with any in-person training you can find.

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The ClassPass Live subscription will be available to existing ClassPass members for an introductory rate of $10 a month, and new members can enjoy the same subscription for an introductory rate of $15 a month. (Each subscription comes with a starter kit, too, including a heart monitor and a Chromecast for easy streaming.)  Finally, a fitness fee we can all get behind. That’s less than the price of a single class at most boutique studios.

We have a feeling class attendance will soar in 2018, thanks to this new virtual option. And we’re pretty confident that ClassPass Live is about to give all those YouTubers out there a real run for their money as well.

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