The Best Vacation Watersport For Your Personality

best watersport on vacation

Unsplash/Elizeu Dias

Ocean, lake or river, we know you want to get out on the water on vacation. But if you’re debating which watersport to tackle on your next trip, we have some ideas. Here’s the best watersport for your personality so you can get aqua-adventuring ASAP.

For the explorer: Scuba diving

best watersports for vacation

Unsplash/Kris Mikael Krister

Scuba diving is the best way to see one of the earth’s remaining unexplored frontiers. The ocean has so many secrets that humans have yet to discover, and you can glimpse this blue world on a scuba venture under the sea. And if you can’t scuba (you do need to be certified to dive deep), you can always snorkel.

For the hippy: Surfing

best watersports for vacation

Unsplash/Jeremy Bishop

There’s a reason surfer folks are known as being super chill. It’s that California vibe. Salt in the hair, don’t care, just wanna catch some great waves. If this is you, it’s time to plan a surfing trip to get out there in the ocean spray.

For the bro: Jet skiing

best watersports for vacation

Unsplash/Brandon Nelson

Being a bro isn’t limited to men. It’s a mindset. You might be a bro if you want to chug a Corona on the beach or you might be a bro if you want to speed across the water on what’s essentially a miniature speedboat. Bro, jet skiing is for you.

For the thrillseeker: Whitewater rafting

best watersports for vacation

Unsplash/Firdouss Ross

If you like your water activities to come with a life jacket and helmet, you should go whitewater rafting. The fast-paced paddling journey is filled with action, whether you’re navigating through rapids or around rock formations. Never a dull moment.

For the tourist: Parasailing

best watersports for vacation

Unsplash/Joe Desousa

For the travelers who want to see a great view with the hint of a thrill, try parasailing. Sure, you sail far above the ocean (we hope you like heights), but it’ll be a serene ride where you can simply take in the sights. You’re not even required to steer.

For the introvert: Kayaking

best watersports for vacation

Unsplash/Mark Bosky

To get some solo time in nature, take out a kayak. It’s just you, your boat and the water. You can, of course, make this a dual activity in a double kayak, but why would you want to ruin a perfect activity?

For the yogi: Paddleboarding

best watersports for vacation

Unsplash/Ishan Seefromthesky

Just like yoga, paddleboarding requires a serious amount of balance. So if you want to work on your core or just get some floating Shavasana in, paddleboarding is your game. If you can manage a handstand, you’re a yoga master.

For the overachiever: Windsurfing

 Unsplash/Mark Bosky

Unsplash/George Desipris

We get it, surfing is too easy and parasailing is boring for you, you big adventurer. In that case, we’d like to suggest windsurfing or kitesurfing. You have to understand how the wind catches your sail in order to propel you across the water and how to navigate the waves. Go get ’em.


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