9 Scuba Diving Destinations Every Adventure Seeker Needs To Visit


If scuba diving is your thing, you have to visit one of these nine beautiful destinations. From seal-spotting to swimming at night with manta rays, these spots take your favorite sport to the extreme. It’s time to plan an international trip and see for yourself.

1. Nakwakto Rapids — British Columbia, Canada

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2. Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience — Baird Bay, Australia 

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3. Manta Ray Night Dive — Kailua Kona, Hawaii, U.S.

4. Barracuda Point — Sipadan Island, Malaysia

5. Mary’s Place — Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

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6. The Yongala — Queensland, Australia

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7. Shark and Yolanda Reef — Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

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8. Jellyfish Lake — Palau, Micronesia

9. Great Blue Hole — Lighthouse Reef, Belize

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