7 Solo Trips That Are Perfect For The Introverted Traveler


Introverts, we know you need a vacation from people more than anything. They’re so draining and exhausting and, ugh, just so much muchness all the time. So here are seven trips you can take all by your lonesome to enjoy some refreshing “me” time.

1. Browsing Portland’s Bookstores

Portland is home to a wide selection of independent bookstores, from the sprawling Powells Books to tiny shops you’d never find on a national best-of list (but are probably home to some of the best antique gems out there). The city embraces the weird, so no one will look twice at you chilling in the stacks choosing your next read.

2. Hiking Through The Scottish Highlands

From Loch Lomond to the Isle of Skye, Scotland is prime for trekking. Experienced hikers can take multi-day journeys through the mountains, while day-trippers can explore from home base towns like Glasglow, Inverness or Aberdeen.  You’ll want a car for this venture — and remember that the cars drive on the other side of the road there.

3. Wandering Parisian Parks

We love Paris for its green spaces. There’s nothing more tempting than a fresh baguette, cheese from a local fromagerie, some farmers’ market fruit and a seat along the Seine. Underrated parks ready for the anti-tourist? Parc des Buttes Chaumont and La Villette.

4. Exploring New Zealand’s Wilderness

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Hiking is sometimes called “tramping” in New Zealand. So if you’re ready to get your tramp on, try the Abel Tasman Track (where you need a tent) or the Queen Charlotte Track (where there are lodges along the route).

5. Embracing Hygge In Copenhagen

Hygge, or the ultimate feeling of cozy happiness, is a deeply rooted Danish tradition. Copenhagen’s coffee houses and charming corridors will easily make introverts feel at home and at peace. You’ll find a mug of coffee and a seat with a view with your name on it here.

6. Taste-Testing Singapore’s Street Food

Singapore’s food stands are made for the person who hates big, rowdy dinner tables. Travelers can sample all the street food one can eat without ever needing to split a check. Plus, ice cream sandwiches are big here. And when you’re traveling solo, no one can judge you for how many you eat.

7. Camping In Glacier National Park

Looking for some U.S.-based solo time? Go to Glacier. You’ll need a car to get to the best trailheads here, but feel free to leave it behind when you’re ready to hit the backcountry with a tent.

One note: When hiking alone in unfamiliar territory, consider informing your hostel, hotel or even a friend from home about where you’ll be and when you think you’ll be back. That way, if you twist an ankle on a trail or get lost, someone will know where to send help.