Munich’s English Garden Is Basically A One-Stop Adventure Park


If you’re Munich-bound during the hot summer months, a day in the city’s Englischer Garten is a must. However, the name “English Garden” is misleading. For your outing to the Bavarian park, wear your swimsuit, pack a picnic and grab a pint for an unforgettable day of adventures.

During a walk through the Central Park of Munich you’ll find a lazy river, surfing spot and beer garden, not to mention two beautiful wide open green meadows and carefully manicured gardens. Just like green spaces in the U.S., you’ll find carriage rides and picturesque lakes. But Munich’s pretzels are way better and the waterways are open for a dip on a hot day.

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It’s a tourist right of passage to follow the crowds and leap into the swift-moving stream winding through the park’s forest. Think of it as an au naturel lazy river. You can float on down in your bikini or bring along some floaties.

Swimmers in the park in Munich riding the current 🌊

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You’ll know you’ve reached the jumping off point when grassy knolls of picnicker turn into excited sunbathers. Pretty much everyone takes the dive; the current is strong, but the water is never too deep.

There are two spots along the manmade stream where clever engineering gives the water pretty hefty waves. It’s the park designers’ innovative answer to landlocked Germany’s lack of coast. You’ll see lines of surfers waiting to take their turn on the rolling tides — and plenty take a tumble down the river.

Once you’re done ogling the surfers’ moves, take a stroll or a bike ride through the quieter stretches of the garden. It’s a perfect reading nook or nap spot, depending on how much energy you used up in water sports.

Summer in the home of Oktoberfest would be incomplete without a visit to the beer gardens. Chinesischer Turm in the center of the park offers beer and food, set among a Chinese pavilion and cute picnic tables. A Bavarian dinner can feel a bit heavy after a day in the sun so if German sausage isn’t your thing, munch on some yummy fries instead.

Same goes for the beer selection: Although the gigantic liter-sized beer stein is the traditional order, there are smaller glasses. Or you can cut down on the alcohol with a lemonade shandy.

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Don’t forget to grab an ice cream cone from one of the charming roaming carts on your way out of the park!