Millennials Are Losing Sleep Over Money And Work, According To A New Study

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Sleep is super important if we want to thrive in our professional lives. So when we don’t get enough, it can really impact our productivity at work. The worst part? A new Bankrate study found that work is actually a top reason why millennials are losing sleep. The even worse part? It’s not the only thing keeping us up at night.

The 2018 Bankrate Money Worries Survey found that 39 percent of millennials between the ages of 18 and 37 attribute sleep loss to stress at work. As for money matters, 43 percent of older millennials (ages 28 to 37) said money woes like credit card debt and monthly mortgage or rent payments are causing them to lose sleep. And 36 percent of younger millennials (18 to 27) are also missing out on some shut-eye due to dollars.

Education costs — hello, student loans — also play a factor, with 17 percent of all millennials responding that they’re top of mind in the middle of the night. That’s almost three times that of older generations (6 percent).

Overall, Americans across all generations said relationships ultimately cause them to lose sleep the most, with money and work coming in second and third. The Bankrate Money Worries Survey also looked at stress surrounding health and politics. On the bright side, 31 percent of all participants responded that none of these areas cause them to lose to sleep at night.

bankrate money worries survey 2018


Stress Less, Sleep More

If you’re stressing over money and your relationship, you’re not the only one. Fidelity found that money is a big relationship challenge for couples. And if you’re losing sleep over work, it could be because of overwhelming work hours or a business problem.

Chronic sleep deprivation, especially when linked to stress, can increase your chances of some serious health issues like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. At the same time, chronic stress can lead to even more health problems like headaches, muscle tension, acne, wrinkles and more — including some bad decisions that could lead you to lose even more sleep. Basically, it can all become a constant cycle of less sleep and more stress. Ugh.

A few ways to decrease your stress levels? Increase your communication about money with your partner or someone you trust, and set boundaries at work. (Yes, work-life balance is a thing.) You could also relocate to a less-stressed state or negotiate for a little more paid time off from work.

If you’re just having trouble sleeping, try using a few essential oils at night or increase the amount of fluids you drink to stay better hydrated.

Less stress and more sleep can really help you get ahead in your career and personal finances. You’ll be more productive, have more energy to burn and feel truly ready to live life like a boss.


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