These Are The Major Work Issues U.S. Adults Lose The Most Sleep Over

work sleep study

Unsplash/Matheus Vinicius

Have you ever had a stress-inducing work dream, only to wake up in a cold sweat at an odd hour? Yeah, we’ve been there, too, and it’s not amazing. Losing sleep isn’t good, but losing sleep over work is definitely worse. And according to a recent survey, the quality of sleep of adults in the United States is being compromised because of office woes.

Specialized staffing service Accountemps surveyed 2,800 adults in 28 major U.S. cities about their sleeping habits, and a whopping 44 percent of them said that work-related stress negatively impacted their sleep.

Unsplash/Sanah Suvarna

Fifty percent of participants reported losing sleep because they were overwhelmed with work hours while 48 percent reported being unable to let go of a business problem. Strained worker relationships kept 20 percent of participants awake and having a bad boss worried 16 percent of them.

The survey also noted that participants from major cities like Miami, Nashville and New York lost the most sleep (65 percent, 59 percent and 55 percent, respectively) while those in Cleveland (27 percent) and Minneapolis (24 percent) lost the least sleep due to work stressors.

We may not always be thrilled with our jobs, but we should at least be sleeping full nights regardless of the work we do.