Newsletter 8/5/18: The Best Biscuits You’ll Ever Have😍

the best biscuits you'll ever have

Swirled/Emily Abrams

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Recipe of the Day

Cheddar chive biscuits are the perfect beginning to your sleepy Sunday. With a few easy ingredients and no special tricks, you can have the fluffiest breakfast ready in less than 30 minutes. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Smelly Shoes Edition

Put tea bags in your shoes or closet to neutralize any bad odors.

Power Up

Go Nuts!

You know nuts are nutritious, but exactly how nutritious is your favorite one? Cashew lovers will be delighted to know that the nuts are high in protein despite being fairly low in fiber, and almonds are the perfect balance of good fats, protein and nutrients like vitamin E and phosphorus. [Swirled]

Sleep As The Ancestors Do

History shows that our ancestors caught their Z’s a lot differently than we do today. While early humans slept in ground-based nests of grass curled into a fetal position, families in the middle ages crowded together in one bed to conserve heat. Also, we might (try to) sleep a full eight hours each night, but 200 years ago, people slept for four hours, took a 2-hour break and then went back to bed for another four hours. [Swirled]

Mental Block

If you’ve noticed your brain isn’t working super well lately, you might be dehydrated. Research suggests that reduced mental function and even your sour mood could be related to how much water you’re drinking. Make sure to stay hydrated, friends! [NPR]

Get It Done

Scoring That (Money) Goal

Use financial TED talks to get your head in the game and reach those milestones. Neha Narula’s “The Future of Money” covers cryptocurrency’s impact on how we, as a society, view money. Narula suggests seeing money not as an objective form of currency but as one that’s fluid and can change constantly. [Swirled]

We’re So (Re)Tired

If you’re not sure how much money you need to retire, just look at two factors. Though they may evolve over time, your cost of living and potential for other income and investment growth can indicate exactly how much you need to save. [Business Insider]

Degrees Of Separation

Don’t currently work in the field in which you earned your college degree? You’re not alone. A survey showed that 29 percent of people said they have completely changed fields since their first position out of college, and 15 percent report not using their college major in their career at all. [Ladders]

Savor Each Bite

Plant On It

You might not think a plant-based burger could serve up as much protein as the real thing, but that’s just not true. Plant-based company Beyond Meat creates burgers that not only taste like sausage, chicken and beef, but also offer as much (if not more) protein than your standard patty. [Swirled]

Be A Sour Puss

Sour beers are your perfect next step up from IPAs. The brews are intentionally made to have an acidic, tart or sour taste. A Belgian-style Lambic beer, for example, is fermented with wild yeast, giving it a funky sour taste with dark, earthy notes. [Swirled]

Pack Your Bags

On The Street

Street art lovers, there are a few places you need to visit to see true masterpieces. Buenos Aires, Argentina is packed with blank walls and a lack of government restrictions. The city acts as a canvas to the most creative souls on the planet. [Swirled]

These Shoes Were Made For Walkin’

Ditch your support-less sneakers and hiking boots for some breathable, walkable shoes that are perfect for travel. The Superga “Cotu” and “Camper” sneakers are cute to boot and offer the flexibility and arch support you need when you’re traveling. Plus, they’re under $100. [Swirled]

More Scan, Less Ban

Thanks to Heathrow’s newest scanner trial, traveling with liquids could get a lot easier. The airport is testing scanners that take 3-D X-ray, allowing security staff to look through items without travelers having to take any liquids out of their bags. Cue your happy dance! [BBC]

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