This Job In Cornwall Lets You Live On An Island And Work In A Castle

st. michael's mount job

Wikimedia Commons

Hey there, Cinderella. Your days of slumming it are over. Your new gig comes with brand new digs: the island of St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England and the stunning castle that sits at the top of it.

The team at St. Michael’s Mount is searching for a full-time visitor services manager — someone who can manage the usual morning lineup, as well as the complicated schedule of working around the island’s unique water cycles.

St. Michael’s Mount is just like the castle in the “Tangled.” It’s on a tidal island, meaning life in the castle changes in high and low tide. At low tide, you can access the island. At high tide, the water rises over the causeway leading to the castle, making it only be accessed by boat. So the castle would be your home if you didn’t want to boat to work every day.

Your job would revolve around customer service, leading the team that gets visitors from the mainland to the castle. They’re looking for a person who’s great under pressure — high tide is no joke — and stays positive in any situation. But we don’t think it would be hard to stay upbeat if your everyday view was Cornwall’s gorgeous island.

The job application is open until April 17, so if you want to spend the next year in Cornwall, get your CV ready. (Yes, they use CVs in England.) The annual salary falls in the $35,000 to $40,000 range, but it can include accommodations on the island that let you live out your fairytale dreams.


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