You Can Rent An Entire Castle For $50 A Night


Forget about AirBnB and renting curated hipster homes in destination cities. What you really need is a straight-up castle. And thankfully, there’s a website for that.

Consider The Castle Rental Network your new favorite time-waster. The site’s chateaus and villas are the answers to your childhood dreams of living like royalty, and they’re actually the price of a hostel or home rental if you bring your friends who might want to sip wine in the European countryside (which should be all of them, by the way).

But for real, castle rental prices are not as insane as you’d think they are. Spend any amount of time surfing The Castle Rental Network and you’ll be shocked by how the math turns out. If you can fill every bed in the palace, many listings will only cost $50 per person per night.

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The network also predates Airbnb by nearly two decades. Sure, Airbnb has some pretty fab castles, but this site is literally dedicated to them. There’s no scanning through urban rentals to find the hidden royal gem. Plus, a lot of the listings link back to each property’s website, so you can really fall down the rabbit hole of your fairytale fantasies.

So start dreaming! You could come up with elaborate plans for a spontaneous picnic-filled week in a French chateau for literally $250 split between 10 friends. (Bonus: there’s a pool.)

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Or maybe you’d like to have a bachelorette party in a vineyard villa. It would also be $50 a night. That’s so doable, right?

And why not just go all out and plan your wedding at this towering chateau? Just think of the photos. Apart from the reception cost, this stunner also adds up to just $50 per night for each guest.

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So… sorry-not-sorry to enable you with this amazing wanderlust procrastination tool. The sky’s the limit, party-planning queens. Happy searching!