New Google Shortcuts To Make Your Workflow Easier

new google shortcuts

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If you, like me, have witnessed a family member take a painfully-long time to type and find a folder online, you know that browser shortcuts can give you back minutes of your life lost to searching your jumbled memory for clues. You can waste time searching for that “copy” feature, or you can hit Ctrl+C. You can make bookmarks of your most-visited websites like an organized person, or you can type the link out each time. Both solutions will get you to your destination, but the latter can gift you back a little more time to yourself.

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As part of this quest to save you a little more time, Google has introduced new browser shortcuts for users of G Suite apps to get you to your destination a little bit quicker than before.

How you can instantly create a Google Doc

Before the Google update, you had to click on “new” to open a new document, slide, sheet, or form on Google. Now, you can skip these steps and type out a written shortcut directly on any browser.

Writing “,” “,” or “” will open a new Google Document. Sheets will open when you type out “,” “,” or “” Forms will open with “” or “” Slides will open with “,” “,” “,” or “” New sites will open up with “,” “,” or “”

A browser shortcut will not be the cure-all to getting you organized, but it is a step towards a more structured workflow. Once you spend less time doing busy work, you can spend more time on your actual work.

This article originally appeared on Ladders written by Monica Torres.


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