5 Of The Best Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Aren’t Using

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Each and every time you lift your hand off of your keyboard (or trackpad) to reach for that mouse, you are wasting valuable time. It’s safe to say you probably abide by the basics, but there are numerous keyboard shortcuts you’re probably missing out on. (Seriously, there’s so much more to the world of life-changing shortcuts than Command + F.)

Regardless of whether you’re a Mac or a PC loyalist, we’ve got you covered. Here are five of the best keyboard shortcuts you’re probably not using but definitely should be.

1. Paste Without Carry-Over Formatting

Since you’ve probably already mastered the basic copy-and-paste shortcut, this keyboard hack is the next best thing. It helps you avoid any unwanted variance in font size, typeface, bold treatments, you name it.

Mac: Shift + Command + V

PC: Control + Shift + V

2. Access The Emoji Keyboard

Who doesn’t like to add an emoji or two to the end of their messages? Instead of using the old-school smiley face (colon and closed parenthesis), use this shortcut to access a full emoji keyboard. This way, you’ll never send a boring message again.

Mac: Control + Command + Space Bar

PC: WIN + Period Mark

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3. Quickly Hide Everything

Have you ever experienced the panic of having your boss walk by when you have a window up on your computer that you really don’t want anyone to see? Here’s your quick fix so that you never have to endure that trauma again. This keyboard shortcut will save you valuable seconds in minimizing those open windows.

Mac: Command + H

PC: Alt + F4

4. Log Out And Change Users Instantly

This keyboard hack is a helpful way to seamlessly change user profiles. Just know that on Macs, you will always be asked to confirm your log out. If you want to log out immediately without confirmation, simply add “option” to the shortcut.

Mac: Shift + Command + Q

PC: Control + Alt + Delete

5. Make An Application Full Screen

Whether you are watching a movie or just need a distraction-free screen, this keyboard shortcut will allow you to focus solely on what’s in front of you within a fraction of a second.

Mac: Control + Command + F

PC: WIN + Shift + Enter

Using keyboard shortcuts is a great way to increase productivity and make everyday tasks significantly easier. The best part? You don’t need to be a tech wizard to learn these computer tricks. Once you start using them, you won’t miss the days of dealing with your mouse.


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