5 Totally Underrated Free Google Apps You Should Be Using


We’re all familiar with Google, right? Most of us have used Gmail, and we’ve all taken Google Earth for a spin when we were interested in knowing what the Mojave Desert looks like. But Google has created so many incredible tools that some may have gone completely overlooked. Here are five awesome Google apps you may not be super familiar with but absolutely should be.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

What it does: Allows you to remotely connect to your computer from your smartphone at no extra cost. You can control your computer screen from anywhere in the world, which means, technically, that you don’t necessarily need to bring your computer with you on your next big trip. You don’t need to have a Google phone, either — Google and iPhone users just need to have the app installed!

2. One Today

What it does: Connects you with a number of smaller, lesser-known charities and allows you to donate right from the app. Both Google and iPhone users can download the app for free. If you’re looking to give back to legit organizations, this is the perfect Google tool for you.

3. Trusted Contacts

What it does: Allows you to share your location with your favorite people. What’s unique about Google’s location service is that you can request someone’s location at any time, and if they don’t respond after five minutes (or if their phone is turned off), the app will share their last recorded location. It’s the perfect app for those who want to stay safe. Both parties need to download the app for it to work, and both Google and iPhone users can take advantage of the tool.

4. Trips

What it does: Compiles all of your travel information from your Gmail account in a central place where you can view each part of your trip (flight, hotel reservation, activities, etc.). Not only can you pull up the app to see your upcoming trip and all its details neatly packaged into a portfolio, but Google Trips also includes suggested activities, restaurants and other sightseeing tips for you to peruse. Google and iPhone users can download the app.

5. Opinion Rewards

What it does: Pays you for taking surveys. For every survey you complete, you can earn up to $1, which is deposited directly into your connected PayPal account. Both Google and iPhone users can download the app, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves to make some extra side money without leaving the couch. We know we’re downloading it!