How To Marie Kondo Your Entire Life (Not Just Your Home)

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Marie Kondo’s tips for tidying up your home went viral after her book was turned into a binge-worthy Netflix series. And while her step-by-step approach to downsizing focuses on your clothes, books and other belongings, it can also apply to the rest of your life pretty easily. Here’s how you can use Kondo’s methods beyond your home.


Toxic friendships suck, especially when they end up being with people who you’ve known for a significant portion of your life. The worst part is that it’s not easy to break up with these people. However, like items that clutter your home, a negative friend or a controlling partner may be cluttering your life and holding you back from true happiness. If someone genuinely doesn’t bring you joy, it’s time to let them go.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to analyze those relationships you have with family members, too. If a relationship feels toxic, something needs to change.



Between those amazing pints of Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix, it’s almost too easy to simply sit at home, rewatch all of “Stranger Things” and consume thousands of sugar-laden calories on a Friday night. And while those things may bring you joy, Kondo’s advice also says to respect your belongings — and in this case, we’re talking about your body. Is your body really happy with what you’re feeding it and how often you’re exercising? Maybe not. So make a point to cut down on the junk food a little bit and get moving more often! Whether it’s dancing with friends on a Saturday night, heading to an early spin class on Sunday or just trading that Monday bagel for a green smoothie, Marie Kondo your health by respecting your body and giving it what it needs to feel joy.


If your budget isn’t the best it can be, Marie Kondo’s advice on tackling categories can help. Start by analyzing what you spend on food and drinks every month. Then move on to entertainment, clothes and any other non-essential items. Finally, take inventory of all your necessary expenses. With this information in front of you, you can address your unsavory spending habits and focus on what you really need to spend your money on every month. Trust us — when you see your savings account increase and your debt decrease, you’ll realize that daily $5 latte was not bringing you joy after all.

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If your job isn’t bringing you joy, it’s time to Marie Kondo it. We don’t mean you should quit on the spot, but you can work on cleaning up your resume, LinkedIn profile and more to set yourself up for a new role at another company. Your career should make you happy, and so if it’s adding more clutter than creativity to your life, consider making a change ASAP.

Pro Tip: Consider aspects like your commute, salary and more when thinking of changing jobs. Simply asking for a raise or a few more work-from-home days could make the difference you need to find more joy in your career.

Social Media

FOMO is a real thing, so it’s important to recognize when Instagram is bringing you happiness and when it’s inspiring feelings of jealousy. No matter which social media platform is causing your struggle, don’t be afraid to delete the app from your phone and step away from being in constant contact with others. Social media has been known to affect your mental health — and not in a positive way — so limiting your usage could really help you strike a balance and feel better because of it.

While these are five major areas of our lives, don’t be afraid to Marie Kondo anything and everything that could help you find more joy each day. Your happiness and well-being are what matter most, so don’t stop until you achieve both.

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