6 Simple Ways To Fit Exercise Seamlessly Into Your Day

Unsplash/Lindsay Henwood

Let’s be real here. It can be intimidating as hell to start working out on your own for the very first time. It seems like everyone else knows so much more than you, and the chances of you doing something incorrectly and hurting (or worse, embarrassing) yourself are high. Add fuel to the fire with the fact that you’re an extremely busy person, and exercise easily just stays by the wayside.

But everyone is capable of adding fitness into their daily lives — even if it comes in super short time intervals. Each little piece ultimately adds up in a big way for your health, so check out these six simple ways to sneak fitness into your day as a newbie and reap all the amazing benefits.

1. Stretch it out when your alarm goes off.


Trade that snooze button for a handful of in-bed stretches that will leave you feeling infinitely more awake and ready to go than 10 extra drowsy minutes of crappy sleep. Sure, the stretches might not burn mega calories, but that’s not why you do them. Stretch to help reconnect the mind and body after a long night of rest, and start the new day feeling centered and open.

2. Take a power-walking lunch break.

Unsplash/Oskar Krawczyk

We know, we know, it’s not technically healthy to eat your lunch at your desk in front of your computer. However, if you spend your “lunch break” power-walking for 30 minutes and then sit down for your meal while catching up on emails, we’re pretty sure that’s an acceptable swap. And while a lot of people don’t have the option to walk or bike to work, almost everyone can afford to upgrade the way they do lunchtime.

3. Trade coffee breaks for a couple of stair runs.


Every time your mind starts to wander or that groggy feeling sends you back to the kitchen for another cup of coffee, try moving instead. Head to an accessible stairwell in your building and jog up and down those stairs for a few minutes. You’ll definitely get your blood pumping a little harder and will probably even feel breathless at first when you return to your seat. But that physical reset is not only adding to your daily exercise quota, but also helping to reset and invigorate your tired mind.

4. Shake off rush-hour stress by jumping rope.


Don’t let crazy traffic or train delays ruin the rest of your night — just process that frustration with a 10-minute jump rope workout. You’ll probably cycle through three or four songs on your favorite Spotify playlist as you jump around at different speeds and play with different foot positions. Just do what feels right for your body. No matter what, you’ll be getting stronger and leaner by the minute.

5. Hold some planks before sitting down to dinner.


And why not throw a couple minutes of core work into your evening as well? Whether you’re waiting for the food delivery man to arrive or for your homemade creation to cool down a bit, take advantage of this time window and bust out a plank series. You can always start with your knees on the floor until you feel strong enough to hold the full expression, and you can start with as low as 15-second holds and work your way up to full-minute planks. You call the shots. Just keep those abs tight and that form on point!

6. Move through some yoga poses while relaxing with Netflix.

Unsplash/Lena Bell

When the time comes to unwind, slide off that couch for a few minutes and get your yoga on. Don’t worry — you can keep Netflix playing in the background. Just spend an episode of your favorite show on the mat moving through some of the stretchiest and most relaxing postures out there. Both your mind and body will feel that much more at ease when you decide to call it a night. Not to mention, you will feel super proud for having just crushed six different styles of exercise in one day.