How To Find A New Job Without Actually Applying For Any Jobs

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Whether you’re ready for the next step, interested in a new industry or just want a different type of culture, searching for a new job can be tough. Updating your LinkedIn, submitting your resume to hiring managers and networking are great places to start, but they could also signal to your current employer that you’re on the hunt. Instead, try something that’s a little less obvious.

LinkedIn has so many awesome features that help people network, know whether they’re a good candidate for a job and more. But there’s one that many may not realize could help them quietly let recruiters know they’re looking for a new job.

Career Interests

linkedin job search

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First things first: Update and set your career interests on LinkedIn so that recruiters know what type of work you want to do. Go to your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to the Career Interests section of Your Dashboard directly beneath your bio.

Open Candidates

Next, turn on LinkedIn’s Open Candidates feature in this same area of the Dashboard to quietly tell recruiters that you’re open to new opportunities. Then select which stage of the job search you’re in — actively looking, casually looking, not looking, but open to offers or not open to offers at all. You’ll also be prompted to note when you want to start the new job, what job titles you’re interested in and where you’d like the new job to be located, including remote work.

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You can also select whether you want the new role to be full-time, part-time, contract, internship or volunteer, and what size company you’d like to work for.

Find A New Job

When you’re done updating these preferences, save your selections. Recruiters will be able to see everything while your boss won’t have a clue. You’ll have a job interview in no time, so be sure to brush up on your answers to interview questions. A recruiter might just have your dream job waiting for you.


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