This New LinkedIn Feature Makes Networking So Much Easier

linkedin QR codes


There’s nothing worse than when you are at a networking event, meet an amazing contact you want to stay in touch with, go to hand them a business card from your bag and realize you’re out.

Thanks to LinkedIn, you’ll never have to worry about that ever again. Now, you can just grab your phone and open your LinkedIn app because the platform just released a new feature that will seriously save you during those moments.

In June, LinkedIn quietly introduced its newest product, and the personal QR code is pretty genius. You’ll never have to worry about keeping a business card on hand, remembering how to spell someone’s name, or even remembering to connect with them on LinkedIn at all.

The new feature works on both iOS and Android operating systems. Just go into the app, and look for the search bar on the homepage. You’ll see a little icon on the right side of the search bar. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the new LinkedIn Code page.

Once there, you’re immediately brought to the “Scan” tab, where you can scan someone’s QR code if the app has access to your camera (if not, make sure you change this in your phone’s settings). Everyone has their own personal QR code, and you’ll find yours by clicking on the “My code” tab at the top of the LinkedIn Code screen. Once you scan someone’s QR code, you’ll be taken to their LinkedIn profile where you can see mutual connections, their career experience and connect with them on the platform.

linkedin QR codes

Swirled/Hilarey Wojtowicz

Other features of the new product include saving a picture of your QR code to your photos folder on your phone and sending it via email, text message or another app (currently only on iOS) right from the LinkedIn code page.

Could it get any easier?! Yes, yes it can.

The QR code can be used in pretty much any format — on a paper resume, on a business card, on your website — allowing people to connect with you wherever they are; you don’t even need to be there with your phone for them to scan it. Pretty amazing, huh?

Welcome to networking in 2018.


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